Spanish handmade canvas shoes / 901E casual basic models / female models / washed ash

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Material / organic cotton, natural rubber, natural dyes Features / Sole rubber thickening, walking is very flexible. Or


Spanish handmade canvas shoes / 901E casual basic models / female models / washed ash


Color / washed ash Material / organic cotton, natural rubber, natural dyes Features / Sole rubber thickening, walking is very flexible. Organic cotton does not scratch the foot, no longer need the running-in period of shoes! Let you ㄧ have sports shoes and casual shoes function. Wash / recommend cold water hand wash or machine wash Packaging / original shoebox, the original tag **natural world eco** **The most natural shoes, the most comfortable pace** Each pair of shoes, from being manufactured to being put on, is actually filled with knowledge of how to coexist with nature. After decades in the shoe industry, the founder of Natural World Eco realizes that a good pair of shoes can create a better future for ourselves and our children. Through raw material selection, design ingenuity, process control and sales practices, we can reduce the cost of many resources. For the planet, this is an urgent need. A pair of good-looking, good shoes, enough to accompany us to take a long way. And such a pair of shoes respect the environment, enough to give our only earth, a good time to breathe. We want to do our best to make such shoes. The birth of Natural World Eco begins with this realization. The most comfortable shoes, the most comfortable life - Strict quality control of natural production to wear comfortable to go long, NWE shoes are equipped with natural latex insoles, comfortable shock absorption, no matter what the road are durable wear . At the same time, each pair of NWE shoes can be directly thrown into the washing machine clean, dry naturally after wearing, high convenience, make life lighter. Due to adopting natural heating and pressing method, the upper and the inner may leave traces of slight residual rubber. The irregularities and slight yellow marks on the bottom and edge joints are all normal and non-defective state of natural sulfur method. NWE shoes are strict quality management, allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable and most durable walking. Good for Nature is Good for You - Combining a hundred years of Ancient Law and Innovative Green Technologies Each pair of shoes from NWE has Made in Green certification to ensure that the materials used are healthy and 100% environmentally friendly, And do not hire underage illegal labor. In order to meet this standard, NWE revitalized the once-in-a-century 100-year-old northern Spanish technique and invested in state-of-the-art technology to eliminate the need for chemical adhesives and eco-friendly ingredients such as cotton, natural rubber, Degradation of raw materials, packaging is also particularly used recycled paper production. Reduce environmental pollution, but also to avoid the skin absorbed chemical volatile substances. Not flawed range: Made by hand, each pair of shoes are some traces of production, are within the scope of normal defects. Natural World Eco shoes version of the type of small, thick soles of the feet, or used to wear socks friends, it is recommended to buy Big One. For the size of a friend, please leave a message. Each computer screen inevitably have color Oh, the real color-based. Return shipping goods, buyers need to bear (except for defective products) If you want to return, please keep the product packaging and product integrity. Please inform before leaving the order by the message, thank you. All items are authorized by the Spanish brand Natural World Eco Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Spain


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