Exclusive-Whispering Petal Soy Wax Scented Candle Confession Candle Customized

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Sorry to speak, let us convey it with your heartfelt sincerity. The gift of heart is worthy of her / his exclusive possession.


Exclusive-Whispering Petal Soy Wax Scented Candle Confession Candle Customized


Hide the words you want to say in the candle, and you can see the complete word about half an hour after you light it. Each group of candles is made after confirmation. After you place your order, please send a private message to the following: 1. Choose a fragrance Chinese characters within 2.10 characters or English characters within five characters (If you have special needs, you can also ask) The content will be confirmed within 15 hours, please pay attention to the station's letter, if it exceeds the time, directly make or cancel the order. The outer box container is a fog black tinplate box, the size is about 6.5cm × 4cm The content is a natural soybean scented candle with natural dried petals. ✨ Don't worry about words or petals burning! ✨The candle burns after the iron box, there will be residual heat, please wait for it to cool down completely before moving it. ✨The outer ring of the candle is left about 0.5cm to prevent it from burning, so as to prevent the iron box from overheating. Optional fragrance **Daydream** Mild and rational light floral fragrance is also smeared with a little sweet, soft and beautiful atmosphere Peony, musk, cherry blossom, peach **Starry sky** Fresh and sweet, the aroma of blue-purple is like being in the stars Hyacinth, Persimmon, Lily, Damascus Rose **Midsummer / midsummer** Bright and vibrant, eliminating odor Verbena, lemon, grapefruit **Seine** A scent of autumn with a harmonious aroma of light fruity woody notes Pear, Bergamot, Freesia, Rose, Patchouli **Kyoto / kyoto** Neutral and calm, reassuring woody fragrance Bergamot, lemon, cedar, ebony **Bloom** Innocent fruity blend with floral charm Jasmine, rose, apple, peony, sweet almond **Provence / provence** Romantic and elegant, with a mature and restrained woody tone, the first choice for forgetfulness, sleep and relaxation Bitter orange leaves, lavender, amber, myrrh, patchouli, lily of the valley, mint ✨ Wax material uses US imported soybean wax without added fixative and other chemical additives ✨The candle uses the light beige color, without the addition of colorants, if you need to customize, please private message ✨Approximately 85g, can burn for 10-15 hours, depending on the use conditions and the environment will affect the length of time ✨It is recommended to light it for 1 hour at a time. If not in use, please cover the box to reduce the volatilization of aroma. ✨The candle will burn faster when it is lit in the wind ✨Please burn the surface evenly each time, it is less likely to have a cave phenomenon. If it happens accidentally, please take a picture to us and we will teach you to handle it so that the candles are not wasted. ✨Please cut the cotton wick to 0.5cm before lighting. 蜡烛 The candles in the store are all scented. If you want to have a strong fragrance, it is not necessary to buy them. ✨Natural wax may peel off the cup or crack on the surface due to thermal expansion and contraction. These are normal conditions and will return to normal after burning without affecting the combustion at all. 请将 Please extinguish the candle when no one is around for safety. Pay attention to air circulation when burning ✨If you are accustomed to using wax melting lamps, you can send a private message to order a candleless wick ✨The outer packaging is carton + dry flowers and grass decoration, and the ribbon is tied outside. (Dry flowers are shipped randomly, we will not pick one)


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