Hand made gold coin purse. Hare under the flower tree

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The 8.5 cm gold coin purse, the round shape is very delicate and cute. The use of flowers, hares, pine cones and other elements is full of romantic and light atmosphere.


Hand made gold coin purse. Hare under the flower tree


[Features of the work] The cute hare sits next to the flower tree with a gray-blue jade point for measuring the edge. Soft and romantic! The rounded appearance is very cute. Take it out and immediately become the focus of all the friends. . Use of cloth. Table cloth: medium-thick cotton fabric made in Korea, thin cotton fabric made in Japan; Libu: Taiwanese printed thin cotton jacket . Parts used. Silver embossed 8.5cm gold . Origin / production. Taiwanese design, hand-stitched 👋 . size. The bottom is about 10cm x 8cm About 9.5cm high [Cleaning attention] 1. It is recommended to use a small brush to gently scrub the dirt. 2. Do not use strong patterns and use bleach 3. After washing, use a towel to absorb water, and place it in a ventilated place. It should not be exposed to the sun for a long time (the direct sunlight will shrink when the cotton material is wet) 4. Do not use the dryer (to avoid deformation) [Before you buy] 1. Due to the different screen settings of each display device, there will be some color difference between the photo and the actual product. 2. Each gold bag is unique, and the same piece of cloth will have different ranges, so each one can be exactly the same. 3. The small brown dots on the fabric are cotton and linen particles, which are not dirty. 4. The studio is located in Jibei Island (one of the small islands in Penghu County). After the completion of the production, the delivery time is longer, the mailing must be 4-5 working days, and the super business collection must be 5-7 working days. 5. Respond to environmental protection, in order not to produce too much packaging material, it will be sent out in simple packaging using kraft paper and post office convenience package. [About the slight hand-made cloth. Embroidery] Born in the mountains of Nantou, there is a soul from the mountains, but the inspiration is sprouting on the island. The handcrafted cloth studio was born in the beautiful scenery of Lake Bibi, Gifu Island. Produce works based on fabric creation, hand-made cloth groceries, and hand embroidery. Designers prefer flowers and animals, so the selection of fabrics is mostly a natural theme. I like to make a cloth that is unique and cute with a little elegance. I hope that people who see the work can feel happiness and joy.


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