[Flower section - suction and phase printing - linen bouquet magnet] dry flower magnet

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❤【Flower models-sucking and absorbing phase-small linen bouquet magnets】❤(each bundle is individually wrapped in a transparent bag) Magnet magnetic linen exchange gift dry flower wedding small things wedding arrangement birthday gift room greetings country


[Flower section - suction and phase printing - linen bouquet magnet] dry flower magnet


Dear, because there is still a job in love on weekdays, if you want to order exclusive dry flowers for yourself or a friend, please ask about the date of love! To avoid delays to your important days! Thank you, where! ❤ ! I don’t know how to decorate the bouquet of wedding gifts. Then put them on the refrigerator, iron cabinet, desk lamp, desk wall...! Let them absorb your sly, memo, intimate whispers, communicate to yourself or close family and friends! Let your home, office life or gifts (wedding, birthday, Valentine's Day, etc.) Let the other party have a cute surprise! Also make people's eyes brighter! (Do you think it is more practical than a small bouquet?嘻嘻) / Size, size, size / [Flower section - suction and suction phase printing - linen bouquet magnet] a beam of about 7cm / width of about 6cm The magnet part is made of a strong magnet, so you don't have to worry about suction, and it sticks to the linen. It is not exposed. :-) #上图Items are past customers' products, you can ask for your flower color and atmosphere requirements! The lover will make a match for you according to the season's flowers. If there is no special demand, the lover will make it for you according to the season's flowers! Thank you very much! (It will be packaged in opp transparent bag) (Linger really feels like this small bouquet of linen magnets, so it is suitable for weddings and small things! As a home, office supplies are no more suitable! Let this lovely bouquet accompany your life!) / Dry flowers / Amaranth, etc. / Love children dry flower maintenance instructions / 1. After the dry flower is received, please open it and ventilate it. 2. The collection or arrangement of dry flowers should be placed in a place where the sun is not exposed but well ventilated to avoid the fading of dry flowers. 3. For a long time, if there is dust on the dry flower, please gently brush it with a brush. / Designer and brand profile / Love If winter comes, can spring be far behind? I am in love with the fascinating characteristics and posture of dry flowers; I am fascinated by the succulent autumn and winter with a blushing surprise; I am in love with the hand-made simplicity and thick temperature; I love the warm and rustic atmosphere of the groceries. You are welcome to share the good love of this life with me. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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