Pet Customized Adam and Eve 喵 - Pins*Two*

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Pinkoi限定商品, オーダーメイド可能な商品
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Please read the product description of the museum before placing an order~Thank you~ Animal anthropomorphic pin design, face can be customized to your baby's baby ~ Can be accompanied by a holiday gift -



Pet Customized Adam and Eve 喵 - Pins*Two*


**Please discuss with the designer before payment.** Production time: A jewelry is about seven working days (excluding holidays). If there are other people who have ordered it, it will be postponed, but the photos and contents have not been discussed, and the payment is not made. 注意 Precautions before ordering: 1. The jewelry in Miss Friends’s products are handmade and produced, not the mass-produced products! Therefore, the same product will be slightly different. 2, Miss Friends is an illustrator, so the products produced will have a hand-painted style, if you like my style, then decide to buy! ♥Copyright: 1. The museum will not pass the original photo of the child. 2. The product price is the production fee, and does not include the transfer of copyright and copyright. 3. The completed work is for personal collection only. Please do not use the work for commercial purposes (for example: reproduction, advertising, LOGO, printing, etc.). 4. The copyright of the work is owned by Miss You Mao, so it has the right to publish the work and use it for non-profit. The work will be used for publicity and debut on Facebook and other public platforms, and can also be used for non-profit prints. 5,**Confirmation of the order is deemed to agree with the specifications of the library.** 制作 Production process: 1. In order to achieve the product design and effect that you are satisfied with, please prepare a pet photo for the designer before the order, and discuss the design details. After receiving the payment notice, the designer will start making the order according to the payment order. 2. After the image of the pet is finished and baked, it will send the product confirmation to your message. After confirming, it will start to apply the transparent glue on the work. Because it is glued on both sides, it takes about 12 hours to dry. Beautiful, it takes time to wait. 3. If you are not satisfied after returning to the map, the friend will make the color correction on the product, but if it is still not satisfied after the modification, it will not be redrawn. The product is customized, so everyone does not have the ideal beauty. It will be the same, and the hand-made goods take a lot of time and effort to complete. Please describe the requirements, such as expressions, words, hair, features, etc., with the designer before the following order to reduce the chance of re-production. For a pleasant ordering experience. ♥ Size: The length is about 5cm, the width is about 2cm, and the size will be slightly different after each barbecue. 材质 Material: Pet Pendant: Hard Film Chain: gold pin 保养 Maintenance method: After a layer of protective glue is applied to both sides of the pendant, it is not afraid of water and dust, and can be wiped gently. The alloy chain has the possibility of allergies. Try not to touch water and chemicals. If you don't wear it, you can wipe it with a silver cloth and put a sealed bag to reduce the chance of contact with the air. ♥ Origin: Taiwan / handmade Because it is handmade, please do not ask for 100% perfect 喔~~! -------------------------------------- ♥ Brand introduction: Miss Friends is an eighth-grade girl who loves cats and small animals. In recent years, Taiwan has paid more and more attention to Mao children. Mao children are not only companionship in life, but also the sustenance of the soul. Ms. Friends cats serve in a customized manner with the temperature of the hand. Make the image of your beloved hairy children into a variety of small accessories. It’s a healing chicken soup, always with you. It is also a small happiness in busy urban life. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan


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