White ・ Yak velvet handmade felt round vest ・ Ladies

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White ・ Yak velvet handmade felt round vest ・ Ladies


If you do n’t want to put on a coat or jacket in cold weather, a vest is a good choice, providing colors for your suits and scarves to keep you warm and keep a straight spiritual spirit. Or you can slightly unbutton the coat and reveal the handmade felt texture of the vest inside. If you wear a long skirt, the vest gives you the opportunity to become more personal; if you wear trousers, the vest can make you look more layered. Or, in the hot summer office, there is inevitably a chilling central air conditioner. Having a supple and cute vest in the office may also give you more room for expectation and imagination at work. The yak down felt handmade by Tibetan women, combined with sewing, is made into a vest, giving Tibetan traditional felts a richer possibility. There are two other primary colors of cattle down: Coffee color: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/PfqHGr3C Gray section: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/crA2xb7N **【Basic Information】** Ingredients | Fabric-100% yak velvet + cotton yarn base Lining-100% polyester fiber 100% stalk Reminder | 1. Before purchasing, please confirm whether the color style is still in stock. 2. The felt fabrics are from Tibetan villages and are handmade by hand. They are sewed in Taiwan. 3. It is a natural phenomenon for animal fiber products to produce hairballs. See the "Fuzzy Ball Treatment" below for the condition of fluffy balls. **【Felt craft: the secret of integral forming】** Felt is possible because of the tiny and mysterious "Mao Lin" structure on natural animal fibers. When there is humidity, heat and pressure, the opened Mao Lin will make the hair close to each other tangled up, so that they cannot be separated, forming a wonderful soft sculpture without beautiful joints. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49166073753_dd4bb62f85.jpg **【Precious material: Qingkang Tibetan Yak Cashmere】** The yak is the most critical existence to support the Tibetan family to survive on the plateau. It is hidden under the rough surface and hides a layer of fine hair: yak down. Every year, only a few hundred grams can be collected from each head, which makes it more precious and rare. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49166786517_7fd974f009.jpg In addition to the extremely high warmth effect, yak velvet is both light and breathable. It's fine and soft, even if it meets the baby whose skin is more susceptible to irritation, it will not produce allergies and itchiness. Although the world's reputation is not yet popular, its special nature and origin have been recognized by the fashion industry in recent years as having the same fine and warm grade as Kashmir wool. **[Cleaning and maintenance: long-term companionship]** 01-Hairball treatment Animal fiber products naturally produce hairballs. In case of fluffing, it is recommended to use scissors or an electric hair clipper to remove the fluff. After the felt product is used for a period of time, the surface fibers will gradually stabilize, and the condition of the fuzzing ball will gradually decrease. If you use a plucked one, the fibers underneath will be pulled out during the process of plucking the hair ball, and the hair ball will continue to be produced. 02-How to clean -Remove dust and dirt- The dust on the surface of the felt can be removed with a common tool at hand, such as a sponge, a sticky cotton roller, a soft brush, and a vacuum cleaner with an appropriate suction port. If it is dirty, you can wipe it with paper towels and cotton cloth dipped in alcohol, and then wipe it clean with a cloth moistened with water. -Cleaning- Alkaline laundry detergents can easily damage proteins. Animal fibers such as wool, cattle hair, silk, and feathers are recommended to be washed with neutral detergents. Dry cleaning can also be sent for cleaning. -Dry- After washing, it can be dewatered by centrifugal dehydrator. After removing the water, dry it with a towel and lay it in the shade. If you want to dry it in the sun, remember not to expose it to too much sunlight for too long, or use a dryer to dry it. 03-Ironing If you need to iron, you can adjust the temperature of the iron to the temperature suitable for "wool goods", and then iron the towel on top of the felt. Do not put the iron in the same place for too long when ironing, so as not to hurt the fiber. 04-moisture removal Animal fiber is easy to absorb moisture, it is recommended to wear it for a day to let the hair products have a chance to dry. 05-Long-term storage If it will not be used for a period of time, it is recommended that after the vest has been basically cleaned, hanged with a hanger, put a protective cover to prevent dust and moths. 06-Other related information Please refer to "SHANGDROK Northern Shepherd" website-product care instructions.


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