Make a cup of meat. Succulent plant potted plants. Red copper gold loaded four into the group

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Buy a small wine glass styling cement pot with a succulent plant


Make a cup of meat. Succulent plant potted plants. Red copper gold loaded four into the group


∥Product Description∥ Let us be a cute and delicious toast for succulents! The simple cement is decorated with a metallic texture and combined with the rich form of succulents. Although it is a pocket size, it has a wide healing power. ∥Product Content∥ Small wine glass styling cement pots total 4 in (small section, red gold blonde hoop / long skirt / shoes each 1), comes with 4 succulents, each order is given a multi-meat care small card 1 Provide two delivery methods for succulents: A) Multi-Purpose Planting DIY Package - Separate the pots, special planted soil, and succulents to protect the fun of planting. B) The succulent plants are planted in the pots - the plants have been adapted to the pots, and there is no need to worry about the potting problems of the plants. The packaging of goods and plants has been carefully considered and tested, but there may be some irresistible factors in the logistics transportation. *Please choose the two shipping methods at the buyer's discretion. ∥Commodity material∥ Cement, fine sand, red copper gold paint, protective paint, succulents, succulent planting soil ∥Product size∥ The height of the cup is about 5cm; the inner diameter of the cup is about 2.8cm; the outer diameter of the cup is about 3.4cm; the diameter of the bottom of the cup is about 3.9cm; the diameter of the bottom through hole is about 0.6cm. ∥Distribution and delivery time∥ Please pay attention before buying! Since most post offices and homesickness do not support holiday collection and distribution services, and most logistics will take about 1-2 business days from delivery to delivery, it is a concern that succulent plants staying in the logistics area may cause plant suffocation and poor condition. We make delivery designated week. * Before 8:00pm on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, 8:00pm, the payment will be sent out every other day. * After 8:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 8:00 pm, the payment will be placed next Monday and will be sent next Monday. * On the first day of the continuous working day after the completion of the payment for the national holiday and the continuous holiday ∥Notes∥ Meat minism. The meat that is sold by succulentism is in a stable state. Even the seedlings are stably planted and cared for in the pots for a period of time. We do not sell the flesh without roots or micro-roots, which is difficult to maintain, so even fleshy Plant novice growers can also buy with confidence. * The succulent plants that are included are all breeding and breeding in the store. There are many kinds of varieties and the number of different varieties varies according to the season. Therefore, please be forgiven for not specifying the variety. * I want to have a variety of succulent plants at a time, but the pots are often different in growth rate of each variety, which leads to the longer the species is lost, or the specific varieties are always long and bad, and the "dry cups and meats are four groups" because the plants are If you plant separately, you don't have to face the above difficulties, and the pockets of the pots don't take up space, and they can bloom in a limited space. * The products are handmade, and each piece is unique. In the process of cement pots, there may be random bubbles, lines, color blocks and irregular marks, and the color may be different. In addition, the size of the goods are measured by hand, there may be some slight errors, please mind before buying. * The headband/long skirt/shoe metal spray paint part is treated with a transparent coating to reduce the oxidation, mottle and discoloration of the metal paint. Please feel free to purchase. However, the color parts are all hand-painted, so unevenness may appear at the edges of the color. If it is unacceptable, please purchase it. * The products are all taken in real products. However, each meat has its own unique appearance, and there are differences in various display settings and colors. Therefore, the color of the product itself may be slightly different from that displayed on your screen. If you are very concerned, please repeat Consider whether to buy. * The packaging of goods and plants has been carefully considered and tested, but the soil in the basin may still be slightly spilled during the transportation process. If you mind, please consider purchasing it. However, if there is an error in the transportation process, causing serious damage to the plants or pots, please take photos and contact us as soon as possible after unpacking, we will deal with you as soon as possible. * Due to the fact that the meat will be in a less ventilated environment during the transportation process, in order to avoid suffocation of the plant for a long time, please take the product and disassemble it as soon as possible to allow the meat to be ventilated and ventilated. * Overseas friends, the original plant and soil cannot be shipped outside Taiwan due to quarantine factors. If the purchase will be sent directly to the empty bowl, please pay special attention. ∥ ∥ ∥ Taiwan ∥Manufacturing method∥Handmade


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