AOORTI :: iPhone 6s 4.7 inch handmade leather cowhide phone case white ostrich

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Natural top layer cowhide tanning handmade. Good to use, comfortable and durable ~


AOORTI :: iPhone 6s 4.7 inch handmade leather cowhide phone case white ostrich

商品説明 /Product desciption/ We use hand-picked natural first layer cowhide tanning method to make by hand, The cost is high, but it has a high texture, and it is good to use, comfortable, and durable. The outer layer adopts special tanning production method, so that the color of the leather looks very uniform and natural, bright and gorgeous. The special coating on the cowhide is scratch-resistant, durable and easy to clean, and the traces of the years will become more and more beautiful with the establishment of time. Note that natural cowhide is like human skin, it will leave scars or lines during the growth process, This is what makes every natural leather product different, so we will keep this natural trace on purpose, Presents the unique characteristics of genuine leather. The soft microfiber inside protects your iPhone. The best life partner, these leather goods will go through every adventure with you. Each mobile phone case is hand-made by the master one by one, please enjoy the warmth and touch of hand-made. / Materials / Imported vegetable tanned first layer cowhide The layer of cowhide contains the skin and the surface layer of silver is the first layer of leather, The top layer of cowhide is the original epidermis and fine fiber structure, so it will have better breathability, Abrasiveness and tensile strength. A cow has only one layer of top layer cowhide, the top layer leather has the best quality, good feel, comfortable, and durable, and has a long service life. It is the top of all leather, so the price is more expensive. / Use and maintenance methods / . Avoid the sun to maintain the original color of the leather . Avoid touching inks such as newspapers and test papers . Please dry the leather in case of water . It is recommended to use leather maintenance oil (wax) regularly to maintain the leather in good condition . The leather will gradually show a unique oily feeling through daily use . Wrinkle lines and neck lines, cocoon wounds, bite marks of scars, etc. are unique characteristics of natural leather, and are also personalized elements of the product, please understand / Designer and brand profile / AOORTI Design brands from Taiwan, I believe that only focus on product quality, design close to users, In order to inject a new soul into the cold 3C accessories, start the most real power and sound of life, The goal is to find the soul of life and fashion that everyone is pursuing, so that everyone can find their own suitable products, Add more wonderful life! Whatever you are, be a good one. Find your lifestyle soul. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan / handmade


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