I want to remember your French boat collar sleeves - white | 100% organic cotton | temperament fashion French commuter OL comfortable self-cultivation sleeves five sleeves


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    Ingredients: 100% organic cotton (GOTS certification, fabric purchased from Taiwan textile)
    Washing method: Washing pouch / Do not soak up / up to 30 ° C Regular washing / Do not use detergents /

    Taiwan with organic cotton certification Elevators



    ● Why choose organic cotton?

    Many babies feel that wearing cotton can be, and do not need to wear organic cotton
    And let us know

    Environment: pesticides on land, marine pollution and ecological damage is immeasurable, and**cotton is the most used crops**; According to statistics, cotton accounted for 3% of the global farmland area, pesticides, fertilizer consumption is more than 25% of the world's pesticide, not only makes the land salinization, deterioration, marine pollution, farmers and other biological life is also threatened.

    Health: Cotton called the most toxic crop, can be absorbed through the skin, general**a cotton T-shirt about 150 grams of pesticide use**, while long-term exposure to certain pesticides may cause**cancer, reproductive, nervous system damage or Other diseases**.


    The The The
    --Baby feel horror but the baby does not say--


    We feel that if you can, or try to choose organic cotton products ~
    Psoriasis is not seen because it is often negligent!

    we hope
    Every baby is healthy and healthy
    Every farmer uncle can breathe fresh air
    Every inch of land are fertile, full of vitality!


    ● About Lunaticluna

    Lunaticluna is pronounced like a luna kicker luna, founded by David, Fenfen and Lulu

    Fabric selection (to organic cotton-based, but also in line with environmental requirements of the dyeing and finishing), design, proofing, packaging, take pictures, write copy, are we together to complete

    And then reliable and experienced Taiwan master to discuss the details, efforts to complete sewing!

    All the goods are a small amount of production, limited sale, sold out there is no (because the cloth with light)


    In addition, we

    ● 10% net profit per month to public interest groups
    ● minimize packaging and use environmentally friendly calcium carbonate plastic bags, can be decomposed, recycled, reduce environmental pollution
    ● MIT, Taiwan design, system to do
    ● the whole museum shooting, stock


    This coat has three colors, this is the white store ~


    The design of the ship is super-temperament!
    Regardless of work, class
    Dating, meeting, meeting is suitable for ~


    This coat is medium and thick, and is a seven-point sleeve, in Taiwan can wear all year round!
    CP value that is MAX! The



    100% organic cotton, feel & material sticks, wash will not rotten wrinkled


    Look at us Lulu wear this white to wash at least five times (take pictures of white is Lulu retained many times through, gray and black are new)

    White will not be transparent, you can rest assured that the use of ~


    Visit Lulu washing clothes, she said he was installed in the laundry bag washing machine washing the normal washing dehydration, when the sun will not be wrinkled Lala ~

    Lulu said she would not ironing this dress, but when the camera has a little hot, although the wash that do not hot, but hot did not seem to happen

    Accustomed to ironing the baby's low-temperature ironing is also no problem!


    In addition to talk with the baby, this coat does not have any labels

    Because we feel that the collar will let the back of the neck itch

    --That is the kind of people who bought the clothes will tear down the label--

    So want to say--since the demolition--simply do not sew, we will put the jelly in the tag that do not tag to the baby reference ~


    White is Fenfen sister and Lulu this self-reserved color, pushing

    This white is the legendary fine chain white
    Organic cotton certification requirements in addition to organic requirements on the cotton, dyeing and finishing can not cause too much damage to the environment, so most can only be dyed to refined white, no way to become super white (?)

    We all like this white, feeling like a cloud of white
    Is the care of the environment will breathe white ~
    The color of the product is closest to the figure below


    Clothes on the washing and the composition of our own environmental printing ink (do not produce any toxic gas) printed up, so how many uneven ink situation (see below), first talk with the baby


    We are actively thinking about the solution, the current thought is to use stickers, so there will be no uneven problem of ink ~

    This part of the white has been switched to stickers

    Sticker long



    ● This little story of the coat (recommended reading order: black → gray → white)
    Try the report & size



    It was raining recently
    During the day but sunny


    The season of love and annoying



    Maybe I was confused by the gorgeous splendid scenery
    Not careful to distinguish
    You are just a part of these landscapes



    You and I are in such a weather
    Gather and separate


    Maybe this scene is my imagination


    At that time
    Do not know the fickle of things


    I do not know what I like is the sun, but has been chasing the moon



    maybe one day
    I can move forward



    No longer back
    No longer hope



    No longer beautify your memories


    There is no need to revisit the past




    Just like you




    MODEL information
    Lulu / female height 159cm, weight 46kg, waist circumference 26 inches / feeling fit, can cover half of the buttocks

    Try a small helper A / girls height 151cm, weight 43kg / feel better than fit and then a little bit, can cover the buttocks
    Try small helper B / girls height 154cm, weight 52kg / feel fit, can cover 2/3 ass
    Try small helper C / girls height 163cm, weight 52kg / feel fit, can cover the 1/3 ass
    Try the small helper D / girls height 170cm, weight 68kg / feel close, slightly short, can not cover the buttocks

    Origin / manufacturing method
    Origin of Taiwan / Made with love
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I want to remember your French boat collar sleeves - white | 100% organic cotton | temperament fashion French commuter OL comfortable self-cultivation sleeves five sleeves

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