Woops‧ handmade earrings ear buckle engraved wood Memories Series - Deep Sea

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Woops‧ handmade earrings ear buckle engraved wood Memories Series - Deep Sea


Woops by wood design is unique
We want to express pass "Color of Life"
Because life is like for the experiment
Each choice represents experimental results of each segment
Wanted to have a wonderful life _ there should be experimental and creative spirit _ continually adding
I believe we will find a unique chemical formulation process in
That formula allows us to be more courageous, more powerful and more courage to challenge _

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade
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About Designer
Malaysian Chinese, unique accent
Joke about her expertise
Special cat, cats have unique honest feelings

Grew up in a farming family in real-pu
Often, barefoot ㄚ Dad pineapple field run
Mantis fight looked all right on the prairie
In the rest of the tree teasing Beetle
Catching frogs, large search field voles for fun

Language environment created because of her
She has a subtle observation and perception
Who always want to take a small book
The life in the look of her, think, think, are included in her picture books
Through hand-painted, step by step towards the creation of front-line target
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Maintenance mode
> Hardware part:
Metal part as much as possible to avoid contact with sweat, rain, water, perfumes and cosmetics.
If a long time not to wear jewelry, can be placed on sealing the bag, reduce contact with air oxidation mitigation opportunities.
If oxide black brass jewelry, you can use cloth swab copper or oil maintenance.
> Jewelry Cleaning:
You can use warm water and a mild neutral detergent, with a soft brush to clean.
After cleaning, use a clean, soft cloth, and put in a sealed bag.
> Trim maintenance:
Try not to make all kinds of metal jewelry and wood ornaments placed in the same drawer or jewelry box, jewelry because of different hardness, easy to cause damage due to mutual friction. All wood Jie protective layer coating, in case of heavy rain wet, swimming, etc., making jewelry and wet, after only with a dry cloth or paper towel, to dry, do not use a hair dryer drying.
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Product specifications
Size: 33mm long x10mm wide x7mm thick
Material: wooden beads, 316 allergy medical needles
Quantity: one pair


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