Handmade bowl of public - [sweet] [reunion] [red makeup]

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Sanshing Four Seasons Blue & white pottery Studio

Sanshing Four Seasons Blue & white pottery Studio ショップへ

Handmade bowl of public - [sweet] [reunion] [red makeup]


Each piece of 1280 yuan
[Sweet] - sweet and juicy pear
Samsung's air, water quality, pollution-free environment and humid climate,
In order to cultivate a unique and unique pear fruit,
It is fresh and sweet in summer.

[Reunion] chicken (home)
Yilan country early in the morning is often by their own or the neighborhood of the chicken wake up and start, often can see the chicken in the courtyard of the rice stroll, even to Yilan tourist tourists are not vulgar to the reef Creek, a taste of Yilan food "Chicken Chicken", Taiwan folk wedding in the "lead the way chicken" symbol of the meaning of the newlyweds, "husband and wife chicken" is the blessing of the couple's happy life, Taiwanese in the "chicken" and "home" homophonic, and thus chicken On behalf of the whole family reunion meaning, and "egg" and "generation" homonym, chicken egg is a symbol of generations from generation to generation meaning, Samsung four seasons round chicken utensils, unique style of the culture of blue and white totem design combined with a unique classic blue and white porcelain Production process, so that you in the daily life of the table, can enjoy the rustic life of the Ilan landscape.

【Red makeup】 - An agricultural Creek Hill Tongzi
In addition to the beautiful drop of pine trees, there are many winter results of Jatropha, little by little red globular fruit, strong and crowded, covered with the whole tree, for the green Annong Creek along the shore added a red makeup.

This bowl is suitable for eating ramen, beef noodles, soup, mixed salad or bibimbap, both aesthetic and versatile, is also a beautiful view of the table

Hand pull bad. Hand spray glaze Blue and white printed
The three hundred and four seasons of blue and white porcelain 100 "made by hand", so that every tiny action will be in the process of forming a trace of the process, making the vessel is not the same as the industrial production of ceramic unchanged, in every process constantly changing. Take the soil, pull the bad, cut the bottom, with the fingers to remove the semi-finished products to the wooden trunk, repair billet burning, glazed blue and white burning, a step by step left traces, and ultimately make each vessel brewing a unique , Warm from your hand to the heart.
★ This work is purely hand-made goods because it is not open mold production, the pursuit of free feel and natural changes, the plane will have the difference between the ups and downs of the operation Oh, and each of the size of the shape will be slightly different.
Face diameter 19cm high 7.5cm * bottom 8.5cm
Clay and clay. To 1230 degrees burned original soil utensils
★ Please note! Blue and white is a natural rubbing non-printed or glaze stickers, it will show the natural edge of the irregular and texture Oh ~
【Usage and maintenance】
Can be heated with electric pot or microwave oven, can be washed with water or detergent.
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan Yilan Samsung, made by Li Zherong designer hand-made


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