Customized pet wool felt brooch - hair boy head - please provide photos (price fixed)

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Mao children wool felt brooch, you can not go to school bags, carry-on bags, always take the hair boy.


Customized pet wool felt brooch - hair boy head - please provide photos (price fixed)

商品説明 / Production instructions / Please provide a photo of the child with a clear front, double sides, 45 degree angle, and back (neck color). It is not clear to ask for a private message. /Remarks/ Every hand-made wool felt replica pet worker has his own personality, so it is most important to find the most suitable co-designer. After the work is completed, unless the major mistakes are not done well, it is really different from the Mao children (but this designer will also do a good job), small places can help to correct, big changes are not acceptable, please hair children Parents can respect each other with the designers and hope to have a pleasant cooperation. /production time/ Because it is an office worker, use the time off work or vacation time to make your baby, so the time will be longer, please be patient, very grateful! Generally, the order is arranged according to the time of the order placed by the customer (the order status of each stage is not necessarily the same), so the waiting time is about 14~40 days after the payment is placed. If the order is too much, the estimated time is exceeded or there is an early payment. The situation of the goods will be informed to the guests. Some of the guests have to inform us in advance because of the time of the gift. This can be arranged in advance. I believe that guests who are not in a hurry can be considerate. If there is no explanation in advance, they will According to the normal procedure, when both parties are in a hurry, the quality will be overlooked. The above instructions hope that everyone understands ~ very thank you for your support and appreciation! / waiting time / Average 14~40 days (not later) /Material / Wool, metal brooch /Dimensions/ The overall head diameter of the hairy child is about 5cm. /Usage and maintenance methods / Blow the air above by blowing or blowing the ball. / Origin, manufacturing methods / Made in Taiwan handmade


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