CLOCK_26 Taiwan Handmade Limited Silent Wall Clock White Beech

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The hand-made mute wall clock with a diameter of 26 cm is made from a whole piece of unspliced sheet material. It is made of a Taiwan-made mute movement with a bamboo hand. With its unique texture and color, whether it is a living room or a bedroom, it can be blended in unobtrusively. It is a low-key personality wall clock!


CLOCK_26 Taiwan Handmade Limited Silent Wall Clock White Beech


**/ Description and Story /** Since the launch of CLOCK_20 in 2017, guests have received letters from customers asking if they can make larger clocks. At that time, we also wanted to make a clock with a larger size. Due to various factors, it could not be realized immediately. It was finally produced in early 2018, and after testing and correction, the first work of 2018 CLOCK_26 was completed. The size of 26 cm in diameter is suitable for a space of about 20 pings. Of course, the size of the space is very subjective, but with its gentle and simple appearance, we are very capricious that it can do everything! Otherwise 26 cm North American black walnut-> 20 cm North American hard maple-> 20 cm North American black walnut-> **/ Features & Notes /** 1. European white beech, unique natural color and texture, warm texture 2. The surface is hand-coated with German 100-year-old OSMO natural environmental protection paint 3. Taiwan design, handmade, low carbon and environmental protection 4. Adopt Taiwan-made movement and scan bamboo pointer silently 5. Do not place in a humid place (such as a bathroom) 6. Do not use alkaline batteries to avoid damage to the movement due to excessive power 7. Occasionally remove dust from the surface with a brush Material: European white beech Size: about 26 x 2.2cm Weight: about 900g Packaging: Kraft corrugated carton packaging, corrugated carton delivery **/brand introduction/** tik á (竹仔) is a local bamboo and wood crafts brand in Taiwan. The studio uses Taiwanese bamboo as a starting point, uses log materials certified by sustainable forestry, and independently designs and produces each piece. Create a series of styles of home furnishings, meals, kitchen utensils and stationery by experiencing life attentively. Since 2017, due to the difficulty in obtaining laminated bamboo materials made in Taiwan, creative media has been gradually replaced with logs from old wood regeneration and sustainable forestry certification. I hope that through the warm texture of bamboo itself, it can integrate a green warmth into today's busy technological life! **/ Place of Origin /** Taiwan (Bamboo Studio)


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