Luminous Moon Clock (Dark Blue)

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● Oversized moon wall clock with a diameter of 35 cm! ● A curved glass cover makes the moon three-dimensional! ● Different visual effects during the day and night! ● The gray-blue moon behind the night light is as mysterious and elegant as the moon in the night sky.


Luminous Moon Clock (Dark Blue)


Every night I can watch the moon fall asleep! To own it is to own a moon, Realistic pictures on the screen, let you easily create a unique style of home; The clock face adopts a bright design, with a glossy three-dimensional sense, and the texture is further improved. The luminous moon clock satisfies your literary imagination of chanting and singing under the moon! The large moon wall clock with a diameter of 35 cm is hung high on the wall of the home. Even if there are dark clouds outside, you can still enjoy the bright moon at home. If the lights are turned off, the moon clock will also become a luminous wall clock sprinkled with moonlight! Silent design, as quiet as the moon does not disturb your private space. The gray-blue moon behind the night light is as mysterious and elegant as the moon in the night sky. <Intimate reminder> Luminous clock (dark blue-glowing in the dark) The clock face has a luminous function 1. Need to choose a wall clock that can be easily absorbed by the indoor light source 2. The position of the wall clock will affect the brightness and durability of the absorption light source 3. When shining, the brightness of the light will gradually weaken 4. Dark blue, luminous function can last up to 4 hours 5. The dark blue on the clock face will start to weaken due to the time of use (the night life of the luminous brightness is about 2 years) Product specifications ► Product size: φ35cm x 5cm ► Material: plastic, metal, glass ► Weight: 513g ► Place of manufacture: authorized to manufacture in China ► Battery: 1 No. 3 battery (need to be provided) Precautions: ► Do not drop ► Please use No. 3 battery * 1 ► Do not turn the pointer counterclockwise ► This product includes a warranty ► Please use the luminous effect according to the instructions. The naked eye effect and the picture may appear slightly different due to ambient light or light absorption. ► Please note that the appreciation period is not equal to the trial. If there is damage or loss of accessories and packaging, it will affect your return rights. Please keep the packaging intact when returning or replacing.


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