Perfume No. 6 Perfume Charm (Freesia)

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Good-looking and good-smelling perfume pendants can be hung in the room, closet, office, etc. It is not only comfortable


Perfume No. 6 Perfume Charm (Freesia)


Fragrance Introduction Perfume style style perfume pendant (British pear and freesia) Usage: Can be placed in the bedroom, wardrobe, office or placed in the canvas bag inside and outside, with a better suspension effect Fragrance period: The fragrance lasts about 3-6 weeks after opening, and can be used as a charm, bookmark, etc. after the fragrance is dispersed. Size: Up to 90mm x 90mm **Freesia models:** ● British pear Sour fruit aroma, less pear with a touch of water and gas, so sweet and sour, slightly sweet and not so faint and very light ● Freesia Purely British style, fresh white freesia infused with delicate and unique fragrance ● Patchouli Sensual and deep woody rosin, making the overall fragrance lasting **Sage money:** ● Okra At the beginning of the scandal, it was a bit like the taste of citrus was actually okra seed, which was less obvious than it was before. It was mainly used to bring out the warm scent of sea salt and sage. ● Sea salt Escape from the hustle and bustle and walk alone to the sea to feel the sea breeze. The waves made layers of white skirts. The air was filled with fresh and salty breaths. Sage The warm woody earthy fragrance and earthy scent are reassuring and relaxed. Not excessively tired, it is like a literary atmosphere with no hint of gesticulation. **SL No. 5:** ● Lemon | Citrus | Sweet Orange The first three notes of fruit and aldehydic interweaving, as a gentle breeze gently passing through the flowers, can faintly smell the petals and bring a slight aroma. ● Rose | Jasmine | Ylang-Ylang Under ylang's background, the scent of roses and jasmine is more delicate and delicate, highlighting the femininity of the women. ●Vetiver Grass | Cedar | White Musk After a floral breeze, a wave of turbulence hits the heart, bringing unprecedented vitality. Vibrant vetiver and cedar, accompanied by the soft scent of white musk, close to nature, revealing a fresh and pleasant atmosphere **Precautions:** 1. This product is not edible. Please place the product where children and pets can not touch, and avoid eating by mistake. 2. This product contains essential oils. Do not touch the product for long periods of time. 3. If any allergic reactions and discomfort occur after use, stop using it immediately and consult a physician. 4. This is a consumable item that cannot be returned once it has been opened. 5. The product display on the screen monitor may produce chromatic aberration. The color of the product is mainly real product. Please think carefully if you care about the color difference.


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