【Arabica Coffee】Cocoa Powder | Sugar Reduction Formula Cocoa Sugar Reduction Formula is suitable for you who are afraid of fat

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台湾Kampo|Lomoji 樂木集Taiwan
台湾Kampo|Lomoji 樂木集Taiwan
【Arabica Coffee】Cocoa Powder | Sugar Reduction Formula Cocoa Sugar Reduction Formula is suitable for you who are afraid of fat


**▎Le Muji's selection** R&D with heart and insist on freshness, carefully selected "Le Muji の Product Selection Zone" only hopes to provide good products to you who are in health preservation. Want a lower-calorie, healthier drink You can try**Reduced sugar formula の hot cocoa, the reduced sugar recipe is suitable for you who are afraid of fat** It is one of the healthiest snacks that allows you to enjoy the taste while taking into account your health! https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/604744550dab49001d5525c1/original.jpg?1615283285 **Start your day with a rich, rich coffee and cocoa in the morning! The Arabica coffee beans added with the Vietnamese championship grade are selected, which have a balanced flavor, taste and unique mellow and unique aroma. The whole and lightly roasted Arabica coffee beans are placed in 100% cocoa butter chocolate. The top coffee and cocoa collide to produce cocoa. On another level, you can taste the cocoa full of mellow coffee flavor.** In recent years, the benefits of chocolate have been continuously promoted. For example,**cocoa polyphenols have antioxidant effects**. In addition to beauty and beauty, drinking it can warm the body and instantly increase the happiness of the heart. Moderate consumption of chocolate products can not only make people feel happy, chocolate is rich in the mineral magnesium, and some of the premenstrual syndrome caused by the lack of magnesium in the body can be adjusted by eating some chocolate. Secondly, chocolate induces the release of pleasant "endorphins" in the brain, which can relax the mood. In the modern busy life, sitting on the sofa after get off work and soaking in a cup of mellow hot cocoa can best heal your tired heart. **▎Three-in-one cocoa powder** ‑ Chocolate and cocoa powder themselves have antioxidant properties, which have been medically proven to regulate physiological functions and help maintain digestive tract functions, provided that the sugar content is not too high! In addition to the low-sugar formula used in this product, the cocoa powder also uses top-quality, high-quality cocoa powder from large Indonesian factories. ‑ Ingredients: sugar, cocoa powder, creamer, whole milk powder, coffee powder, whey powder, malt, salt, coffee flavor (lactose, flavor, silicon dioxide) (this product contains milk and its products) ‑ Specifications: 30g±1g (single pack) x 6 packs/box in total ‑ Flavor: Sugar-reduced formula (suitable for those who are healthy and afraid of sweets) The best ratio of "25% milk + 45% natural cocoa first" https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/604744560b1dc900327a1397/original.jpg?1615283286 **▎Ingredients**Natural cocoa powder|It is the seeds in the fruit of the cocoa tree, pure natural ingredients ✔ Rich in a variety of ingredients beneficial to human health, in addition to protein, various amino acids and Bronze, iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and other minerals; It also contains cocoa polyphenols and flavonoids and other substances. Cocoa contains vitamin E, which has antioxidant effects and improves the health of skin and blood cells. ✔Helps reduce the production of free radicals. Vitamin B1 can help maintain the normal function of the skin, heart and nervous system. Vitamin B6 helps maintain the normal metabolism of amino acids and promotes the health of the nervous system. ✔Research reports point out that regular consumption of cocoa helps to relax and maintain health. ✔Due to the high cost of natural cocoa butter, some stores often use "cocoa butter substitute" to replace natural cocoa butter to make chocolate or chocolate sauce, but cocoa butter substitute may cause indigestion and renal function decline. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49500214613_f34b40654d_k.jpg **▎Suitable for objects** 1. You who need to warm your stomach when you wake up in the morning 2. You who are stressed and need healing and relaxation 3. You who need relief from menstrual discomfort 4. You who are hungry in the middle of the night and need to feel full ***Note: It is low in caffeine. It is recommended that pregnant women and children under the age of 3 avoid taking it.** https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/60474b753a56180020995485/original.jpg?1615285109 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/605068bd57945a003bc77a83/original.jpg?1615882429 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/60474447f842f00035849ab5/original.jpg?1615283271 https://youtu.be/pcNfZib0yes **▎In addition to taste, we care more about your health** ☑ The quality of each raw material conforms to the food management regulations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the People's Republic of China, and the nutrition label has a complete SGS inspection report for consumers to check ☑ All products have passed the following certifications: GMP certification, ISO22000:2005 certification, Halal Certification, SNI certification ☑ This product has been insured with 10 million yuan Fubon Liability Insurance, please drink with peace of mind https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/60474449f842f02623849757/original.jpg?1615283273 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/604752dd946497001720892d/original.jpg?1615287005 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/604833d74716970036a35d5b/original.jpg?1615344599 **▎Product Information** ‑ Cocoa Origin: Indonesia ‑ Shelf life: 18 months unopened **▎If you have the following conditions, it is recommended to ask your doctor before drinking** 1. Pregnancy or breastfeeding: If pregnant or breastfeeding. 2. Taking other medicines: including over-the-counter, over-the-counter medicines or prescribed medicines. 3. Allergic to any substance containing medicinal materials: or allergic to other medicines and herbs. 4. Suffering from other diseases: such as physiological system disorders, or any other health conditions. If you feel any discomfort after drinking, please stop using it immediately. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/61318df523dcf70026d875c6/original.jpg?1630637556 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/60ae05ba3b1d13002c95e292/original.jpg?1622017465


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In addition to researching and developing nine natural Kampo drinks and three Kampo foot bath packs, Lemuji has developed and made it with all their hearts. There is also a "selected product area", hoping that women will not be burdened at the same time as they love beauty! I only hope to provide good products to people who care about their health. This is a sugar-reduced cocoa specially tailored for the Asian market!


30g x 6


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