Presidential Healing Department: Lavender Forest Natural Essential Oil-Relief and Sleep Support + Suitable for Meditation

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Every day is a unique day. Whether you work hard, take a vacation at home, go on vacation, or spend the usual day, you should take a bath to settle your mood, light an essential oil candle, and enjoy today ’s experience.



Presidential Healing Department: Lavender Forest Natural Essential Oil-Relief and Sleep Support + Suitable for Meditation


✭ Ingredients: 100% vegetable soy wax, natural plant essential oil imported from France, dried flower decoration, smokeless candle wick imported from Korea ✭100% plant-based soy wax without adding any chemical paraffin or shrinking agent. Natural soy wax naturally shrinks on the wall or surface when it naturally shrinks. It is a natural phenomenon ~ please use it with confidence. ✭Bath shower, wedding gifts and girlfriends gifts are available for bathing, reading in the study, relaxing in the bedroom or yoga meditation ✭All products of Kate Candle Art Paradise are pure hand-made products. All materials are made of soybean oil, soybean refined by beehive, beeswax refined by honeycomb, palm wax extracted from palm tree fruit, Korean smokeless and environmentally friendly candle wick, French imported essential oil, 100% Korean Gypsum powder ✭Each product has a Kate Candle Art Paradise product guarantee card with usage and complete packaging How to choose essential oils ~ 1-3 are elegant floral notes 4-6 rounded floral notes 7-10 models are round and sweet fruity 11 belong to the ocean tone 12-14 models are wood tone Pick your own exclusive memory by the above recommendation😊 ✭ Essential oil fragrance: 🌺 「One Red Rose」 Just like a bunch of fresh roses just picked from the garden, the scent with green leaves presents a fresh, pure and comfortable rose fragrance. Scent description: rosebud, bergamot, geranium, rose petals, violet petals, musk 🌺 "Two British pears and freesia" Fragrance description: sweet pear, amber, white freesia, patchouli, wild rose, musk (Jo Malone's most classic fragrance, no girl can miss her.) 🌺 「Send number wedding day」 Scent description: lily of the valley, lily, velvet rose, violet petals, musk, cork, jasmine, bergamot 🌺 「Lavender Forest of No.4」 Bergamot, lavender, mint, clove, Myrrh, patchouli, amber 🌺 "Wooden Monet Garden" Scent description: Juicy peach, red apple, melon, jasmine petals, velvet rose, parma violet, ambergris, white musk 🌺 「Lu Xia Midsummer Dream」 Full of idyllic flowers and fruits Scent description: Cassis, juicy peach, melon, plumeria, gardenia, jasmine, soft sandalwood, musk 🍑 "Seven Sweet Peach Orchard" Scent description: peach, white musk, white cream, tropical fruit, lemon 🍋 「湌 号 grapefruit heaven」 Scent description: Orange blossom, black currant, pink grapefruit, vetiver, Calabrian citrus, Bulgarian rose, amber 🍊 "The Pandora's Treasure Box" Scent description: Satsuma orange, aloe leaf Ruby red grapefruit, rose hip Japanese grapefruit, sun apricot, Mediterranean salt, ripe nectarine, blue lotus 🌴🍋 `` Take the Numbers, Sweet Wild Lost '' Fragrance description: Southern peach, ripe coconut, California lemon, sugar cane, black orchid, vanilla flower, exotic musk from California sweet lemon and coconut and sweet peach as the top notes, unveiling the sweet prelude ~ combining black orchid, With sugar cane and vanilla flowers, you will feel the rich brown sugar and rich vanilla orchid. 🐚 「Pick One Ocean Breeze」 Scent description: watermelon, jasmine, vanilla, violet, rose, sandalwood, white musk 🌲 "Pick up the water of two forests" Light and elegant neutral tone Scent description: cedar, green tea leaves, cloves, lemon, amber, white musk 🌲 "Pick up Ginseng 34 Saint Germain" Scent description: blond wood, black currant leaves, fig leaves, musk, moss 🌲 "Pick up Gypsy Water" Scent description: bergamot, juniper berries, lemon Chili, iris, pine needles, amber, sandalwood, vanilla


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