Nebula Wings Nebula Sea Fan Pearl Swing Earrings

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Second Course. Second course


Nebula Wings Nebula Sea Fan Pearl Swing Earrings


Second Course. Second course The "Meridian Gala" collection is inspired by three regions of Turkey: Istanbul, Cappadocia and Podrum along the Aegean coast. ||||||||| - about 7 cm long - Freshwater Pearl / Japanese Rice Pearl / Swarovski Crystal Pearl / Acrylic / Brass Gold Plated - Sold in pairs Taiwan design and manufacturing 出货 Shipping time THRIVE is an independent design studio. It is currently operated in small quantities and orders. The shipping date is five to fifteen working days after the successful order (excluding holidays), urgent orders or other special needs. Welcome message to discuss, thank you for your support and understanding! ☞ Packaging The products are packed in a cardboard box, with a product warranty card and a brand name card, as well as a bundle pocket for storage; if you purchase more than one item or need to be packaged separately for gifts, please inform us when you place your order. ☞ Pre-shopping precautions / after-sales service and maintenance 1. The beaded body of the product except for the metal parts is made of high-strength professional weaving wire, but please avoid the strange pulling, heavy object pressing or high drop, so as to avoid deformation or beading, semi-precious stones and metal parts. Try to avoid touching water or liquid, oxidation due to time or humidity is normal; if the metal is inadvertently oxidized (black, green), you can use silver cloth, copper oil, a small amount of dishwashing, carefully wipe to return copper gold Gloss; semi-precious stones (such as pearls, jade, etc.) should be wiped with a dry soft cloth, and should not be cleaned with detergent. After maintenance, it is not worn in a plastic zipper bag to isolate the air. It can also reduce the oxidation and fouling. 2. After the natural materials such as pearls, crystals and other semi-precious stones are cut and polished, each color shades, texture, crystal, shape, size and thickness will be different. There may be a small flaw, and the length may be after the finished product. There is a size error of about 3 mm or so, and all the products in the picture may have a color difference due to the difference in shooting light or computer screen, and the actual finished product may not be exactly the same as the product. 3. All products are entitled to a six-month non-human factor, and if the damage is determined, it will be repaired according to the situation and charged according to the situation. The warranty scope is limited to the cracking of the weaving thread or the replacement of the hardware. It is obvious that the violent damage caused by improper use of the human. No service 4. THRIVE offers a seven-day appreciation period for online shopping. In order to return the goods, the goods must be kept fresh and packaged, and must not be worn, washed, stained or otherwise processed, or the goods are lost or damaged, or more than seven days. The term, if any of the above, will not provide return service; replacement is limited to shipping errors or defective goods, for example: severe breakage when receiving goods (not including joints, normal metal oxidation, various natural Traces of traces on raw materials and metals, or deformations on the packaging due to shipping transport) ☞ All items are designed and manufactured in Taiwan


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