Shaved shoulder multi-layered tutu dress

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Designer brand VISIBLE By Ann Cheng creates customized evening dresses


Shaved shoulder multi-layered tutu dress


| Customized service original design| Please contact the designer directly for custom details. This style is a custom dress Optional according to standard sizes, Or choose to make it according to the size of the guest, Original design, custom details please contact the designer. Please read the design policy of the design office before placing the order. The order will be agreed to the policy. [Creation source] VISIBLE By Ann Cheng combines with the paintings of DML artists to express the unique beauty of the creator through the changes in the sky. Cross-domain, trans-sensory through the respective interpretation and exchange of artistic creation, breaking the isolation of the art field, allowing more people to directly feel the theme of "infinite. Eternal". | Shoulder Padded Tutu Dress | Use the clouds in the sky to present "∞". In the Bible, God uses the clouds to guide the Israelites. The soft but firm symbol is like a woman, so I want to design a stunning and feminine costume for this painting, with a multi-layered skirt. Presenting ever-changing clouds (female). The sky with infinite symbol clouds in the painting symbolizes the infinite layers and details in the wide. This dress cut allows the print to be fully presented on the body, while showing the sexy and temperament of the woman. In the upper part of the fabric, the fabric with the grain is selected to make the print more active, and the middle layer of the white crepe adds a visual sense of horizontal extension. 【colour】 Painting pattern printing [Material] Man-made fiber 【size】 Customized to individual size [Maintenance Precautions] Fine clothing, it is recommended to wash by hand or send dry cleaning Please use neutral, alkaline detergent for washing. Please put it in the shade, do not expose to the sun, do not dry, low temperature ironing [Know before ordering] If you have gifts, personal use, weddings, wedding photos, etc., personal needs, dear custom guests need to estimate their own needs, the brand only provides designer works, such as weather, force majeure factors, such as: parcel postage schedule Delay / works and imagination do not match / other factors can not catch up with the VIP's demand day.. and other factors, the work is a customized product <no refund return>, the order means that the VIP can understand the above instructions and pay the full responsibility, If there is a small defect in the product (such as the button decoration falling off), only the patching and modification is accepted, and the brand has no other joint liability. When the payment is completed, the representative agrees to the designer's production method and style. This work is purely hand-made. It is not a factory-produced product. If you understand it, please order it. If you do not agree, please do not place an order.


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