Heart in the love sea night light-customized/wedding gift/birthday/valentine day/anniversary/father's day

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●Customized production time: from the time of ordering and completing the photos. It can be shipped in about 2-5 working days (except for consecutive holidays, please ask first) please early during Christmas ● Delivery time: 2-3 days from store to store (recommended 7-11) ●Express/Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau/Commodities: SF Express will arrive the next day/F


Heart in the love sea night light-customized/wedding gift/birthday/valentine day/anniversary/father's day


My heart is left in love sea A trip. A photo Exclusive name for you and me. Or anniversary. Birthday Put the memory of love in the starlight **After receiving this product, the light line can be fine-tuned! It will look better after adjustment https://youtu.be/jCryVWLYOx0 ≡ How to use Home Furnishings & Night Lights *Limited to indoor use/battery base makes it easy for you to move ≡ Product features 1. The lamp base is made of original wood, which is integrally formed and clean. 2. The light source part adopts cold light LED string, which is power-saving and beautiful, and is not afraid of heating. 3. The glass lampshade can be opened (you can also put things in) ≡ Product material Natural solid wood + openable glass cover + hand-made wooden parts + battery holder Remarks: Alkaline batteries are not for trial use. Please use _carbon zinc battery_ Hand-made landscaping: hand-made micro-landscape wall + bonsai + dry flowers + painted Photo: Photo Protective Plastic Grease Text: wood material 1. Wood letter version (numbers also available): https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4857/45908822135_bcdd671489_b.jpg 2. Photo version: https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7925/45908822215_7a57161d85_b.jpg 3. Photo + wood letter version (numbers also available): https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7867/45908822185_afbb3a4f2f_b.jpg ≡ Product size (cm) Length x width x height (including lamp holder height) about 12.5 x 12.5 x 15cm The battery is used as an inner ridge at the bottom of the wooden seat Custom order method. After purchasing the product Photo version: 1. Please do not provide photos of the characters themselves that have been cropped (can be made on the whole body!) (A larger number of graduates or group photos are also acceptable) 2. Can be a wedding dress. Couple. Family. Friends. Graduation photo https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7865/46099404164_969c55a982_b.jpg **1. [After payment is completed after ordering]** **2. [You need to prepare a photo you like]** **3. [After completing the order. Email to us]** Subject of the email: Leng Zi Handmade + Order Number Email the image file to the customer service mailbox kikichi666@ gmail. com Letter version: 1.**Please indicate "3 letters or 4 numbers of English letters" in the remarks column of order** 2.**Example: A&E ....ILU...0429... etc.** 3.** For other needs, please use the message to ask us If the name of the person exceeds 3 characters or more. Letters can be added, please purchase when ordering: **Letter plus purchase. Currently all capital English and numbers ** **Letter plus purchase. Currently all capital English and numbers ** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Bf3YBnTG?category=8 ≡ Accessories must be purchased by yourself (Please install 3-4 batteries. You need to buy it yourself. Please use carbon-zinc batteries. Alkaline batteries are not tried) ≡ Cleaning and maintenance| 1. Wood base, please wipe with a dry cloth. 2. The included hand-made landscaping. All are hand-made and colored. Each color of the castle is slightly different. It cannot be the same. ≡ Designer reminder| 1. The love sea landscaping has a special texture made by hand, so the color and texture of each product are different. 2. Product photos may have color difference due to shooting environment and computer display, so the actual product is the main one. 3. Each piece is hand-made and cannot be as flawless as the production of a machine. Only those who can accept it will place an order to buy it~ 【Domestic Taiwan Shipping】 ※ Delivery time in Taiwan Island: 1 day home delivery / 2~3 days for super pickup Delivery cannot be delivered on Saturday and Sunday 【Overseas Shipping】 ※ Hong Kong and Macao friends sent to Hong Kong/Macao to upgrade SF Express. Orders on Friday and Saturday will be sent on Monday. Sending days 1~2 working days. (SF Express. Can pick up at the station)


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