[Orange] hand-twisted hand-dyed plant dyeing. Totem side back bag ///

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The cultural weave bag of the Ngae ethnic group, a special ethnic group in Laos / Each texture has a unique one Pure cotton hand-twisted plant dyed hand-woven fabric + calf leather strap + inner pure hand-woven fabric Size: Width 47x49, the strap is about 72cm without adjustment / inner magnetic buckle + dark inner pocket / side back diagonal



[Orange] hand-twisted hand-dyed plant dyeing. Totem side back bag ///


The pure land from the Ngae tribe of the deep mountain tribe of Laos, the natural cotton that has grown out, through the natural plant dipping method, the traditional weaving process, and the careful design, have the mission to meet you. / Product description and story / The Ngae are located in Sekong province in the south of Laos. They are ethnic minorities in Laos who still use ground looms. They are very close to the earth. They always use thick hand-dyed threads rich in earth colors to bring animals and village life to life Woven fabrics, such as turkeys, four large frogs and lizards, woods and simple character shapes, unexpectedly full of childishness always make people smile. Each traditional village has its own unique ecology and culture, Thousands of children inherited the natural craftsmanship from the teaching of their families. Father and brothers will run back and forth on the land, Grow and collect natural fibers, Mother and sisters in the smoke-blowing house Engaged in weaving and housework, The precious natural power thing that the parents of heaven and earth complete together. * Note: This product is handmade, we will ship it after careful inspection, but it may still have the following reasonable conditions: natural fiber thickness is uneven, fiber color is uneven, or there are natural impurities such as embryo shell and seeds, weave Because the hand-twisted fiber or manual process has imperfect, different mechanical specifications. The photos may also have chromatic aberration, which is unacceptable. Perfectionists please think twice before buying. Thank you! * Natural fabric bag washing method: 1. Hand washing is better, washing machine washing is not recommended. 2. If there is local dirt, it is recommended to use neutral detergent (such as a little dishwashing liquid or cold dishwashing liquid) or baking soda powder or percarbonate powder. "Gently rub with a small brush" on the dirty parts and in a cool place Allow to dry. 3. Please wipe the calf leather with special leather oil. // About Yangga // Have you touched a layer of undyed hand-woven fabric that grew out of undyed soil and then intertwined through dyeing? Each unique handicraft from pure cotton, pure silk, ramie, linen tells a different life story. Since 2014, Yangga has been going deep into Lao & Thai village natural materials handmade fabrics & village sustainable development cooperation plan. Natural fabrics can preserve the sustainable development of the environment and culture of many traditional communities in the world. You are welcome to feel the nourishment of nature.


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