MAYBES X Ike & Yoni / Limited Valentine Chocolate & Candle Gift Box

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MAYBES X Ike & Yoni Limited Gratitude Chocolate & Candle Gift Box ❤ Thanksgiving Mother's Day ❤ * Contents: Temptation Rose Essential Oil Candle X 1 + Rose Pistachio Chocolate X 1 + Strawberry Dry Dark Chocolate X 1


MAYBES X Ike & Yoni / Limited Valentine Chocolate & Candle Gift Box


With a delicate scent, these flowers are distinctively yours. - Thanksgiving Mother's Day, sweet in my heart, Strawberries & Chocolate & Roses, beautiful candles, seductive aromas, delicious chocolates. Strawberries during the Roman period were considered a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love, because of its bright red and seductive flavor. In the medieval period, strawberries were carved into the church's altar and cathedral pillars to represent perfection. Legend has it that when two people separated the strawberry from each other, they fell in love. Strawberries are already so romantic, isn't it infinite romance with chocolate? - Each fragrance represents a different story. When you feel that fragrance, Have you remembered that story? The fragrance can be remembered. Choose one that belongs to you. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Gift box content: **"Temptation Rose Essential Oil Candle"** -Candle Fragrance: Rose of Temptation (Rose, Elan Elan Essential Oil) -65x85mm / 80g / (Swax burns on average for 1hr and burns 2-4g for about 20 hours) -100% natural American soybean oil candle, completely burning, environmentally friendly and natural -Fragrance essential oil / American cotton soy candle wick / dried flower __ **“Rose Pistachio 71% Dark Chocolate“** -Chocolate flavor: Rose Pistachio Chocolate -5X12 cm / 40 ± 5g / 80g -Ingredients: cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla rose aroma additive, Natural rose petals, Iranian pistachios -71% itself has a strong cocoa flavor, a pleasant citrus fragrance, and is the entry point for dark chocolate. The slight bitterness is not unacceptable, and the taste is smooth and dry. Rose aroma and romantic flowers The petals, accompanied by a little pistachio pieces, are definitely the enjoyment of vision and taste. __ **"Dried Strawberries 71% Dark Chocolate"** -Chocolate flavor: Strawberry dry dark chocolate -5X12 cm / 40 ± 5g / 80g -Ingredients: cocoa butter, granulated sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla, dried Taiwan natural strawberry -71% itself has a strong cocoa flavor, a pleasant citrus fragrance, and is the entry point for dark chocolate. The taste is smooth and not dry. Dried strawberries use natural air-dried strawberries from Taiwan, without adding other spices Season, spread a whole whole whole air-dried strawberry evenly on the chocolate, put it in your mouth and eat When it comes to dried fruit, it is perfectly compatible with dark chocolate. Popular starting models, no burden on health. __ Please burn the candle for more than 30 minutes each time. Distribute the soybean wax oil evenly on the cup surface to extend the use time of the candle Pure natural soy candle, combined with various scented essential oils, the temperature is maintained to 40-50 degrees after low ignition point, Apply natural wax oil to the edges of your fingers and hands for natural moisture. * Please pull up the dried flowers near the source of the candle wick before igniting, so as not to affect the quality of soybean wax !!! ** _____ ♥♥ If you want to give a gift, please specify the gift with a paper bag :) Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan / American Soy Wax


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