Pomegranate wood soap

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Pomegranate and black and white intertwined lines, looks like wood grain, like stone, with moist olive oil and skin-frie


Pomegranate wood soap


Trivial handmade soap. Pomegranate wood soap [Use] Washing / Bathing / Dry Skin Apply 【Ingredients】 Olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, water, milk, titanium dioxide, soap powder, long carbon powder, essential oil [weight] 95 grams (manual error value 10%) [Packing] Single Entry (O), Two Entry (O), Three Entry (O) Gift Box Packaging 【Features】 Pomegranate and black and white intertwined lines Looks like wood grain, like grain With moisturizing olive oil and skin-friendly sweet almond oil With milk wash temperature lubrication Particularly suitable for cleansing dry skin Special floral aroma essential oil Give you a sweet and elegant bathing time * Wood grain and stone grain formula are the same, the difference is the difference in weight [Small things beautiful handmade soap] Cold-processed soaps require carefulness and patience. Fats and alkalis are saponified in constant agitation. After more than six weeks of soap drying, the soap is more gentle and the water gradually evaporates to make the soap body more solid. Sensitive skin type I feel uncomfortable with products that are over-scented or have too many additives. Since I have been exposed to handmade soaps made from natural vegetable oils, I found that cleanliness can be gentle and non-irritating. Now, besides shampooing, washing and washing dishes and even vegetable and fruit cleaning Also choose a simple handmade soap, water does not leave a clean residue. The fatty acids in the oils determine the cleansing, foaming, moisturizing and hardness of the soaps. The small handmade soaps are designed for different skin types. However, unlike others, there are no fixed styles and shapes. For me, each batch is made. The handmade soap statue is to create a unique work. Although it takes time and labor to make the process, it is also a pleasure for the creators. I hope that these well-designed stylings can add fun to the bath and make the handmade soap simple and clean. Friendly environment can also be a good thing. * Does not contain petrochemicals, antioxidants, preservatives * Only a small amount of each design is made, a limited number * Appearance and weight vary slightly by hand * The soap and soap pattern is for reference only. * Responsible for the reuse of second-hand cushioned packaging materials and shipping of containers * Each handmade soap is individually packaged, plus a gift box purchase service https://www.pinkoi.com/product/jpxDj4nr (Single gift box plus purchase) https://www.pinkoi.com/product/DdFuYUNu (Two gift boxes plus purchase) https://www.pinkoi.com/product/T2LgF5J3 (Three gift boxes plus purchase) * Please contact me for other goods or gift packaging needs * Facebook & Instagram @littlewonders168


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