Amethyst irregular raw stone earrings 14K Note gold US ear hook

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Amethyst irregular raw stone earrings 14K Note gold US ear hook


product name: Amethyst irregular raw stone earrings = Main stone = Irregular Amethyst Raw stone X 2: Corresponding to the eyebrows round, by wisdom, benefit people, to enhance the test run. = Color = Light purple, natural texture ﹑ without grinding = Metal material = Brass, ear hook for the 14K package of gold (US) sensitive people together = Wire = American imported art copper (silver) = Send method = (required) [Hong Kong] We use Hongkong Post service to Hong Kong. Store goods free of charge. HK $ 250 The following merchandise will be delivered on a regular basis and will take 3-5 business days for service. To send by registered, please purchase: HK $ 250 or more will be sent by registered form and will take 1-2 business days. Please pay attention to the SMS sent by the post office. [Taiwan / Macau / Mainland China] As SF Express does not accept the import of crystal in Taiwan, so the shop can only Hongkong Post service to empty mail package sent. There are three ways to send to Taiwan: 1. Free postage - empty post (no tracking code) All orders for HKD200 / NT 800 or below are sent by airmail (no tracking code). Will not be sent. If you want to add registration, please purchase: 2. Air mail registration (after delivery to provide tracking code) <5 - 10 working days> Orders over HKD 200 / NT $ 800 or above. Order HKD200 / NT 800 or below to be purchased: ******* Strongly recommend guests to purchase registration fees You can get the tracking code, and in the China Post website (international) query mail whereabouts. Features: * Fast, need to sign. * The fastest 5 working days will be delivered. The slowest 10 - 12 working days will be sent to * The loss rate is temporarily zero. * Postman will be sent twice, if no one sign, will be temporary recruitment, please note that the letter has received a letter at home. * Because it is not a courier, the postman will not call to send pieces, so there may be missed opportunity to receive, It is recommended to consider using the company address to receive All free emails (no registered) are not tracked. Takes 14 to 20 business days, sometimes less than this time. It may be due to the district's postal business busy and greatly delayed. Such as 30 working days did not receive, was regarded as lost. We were lost in the mail*consider*replacement, but requires additional guests registered mail, will be reissued. Whether the final decision will be made in the design of the museum. ******* +++ very important statement +++ 1. Computer displays and photos will have a certain degree of color, and natural crystal in daylight (daylight), fluorescent (fluorescent) or tungsten light (tungsten) light will show different colors, not as strong as the strength of the string Light and so on. Photos can not be fully presented, please understand. If you are particularly cautious, it is recommended to consult the designer. 2. Our jewelry is made of hand-made, certainly not like the production of die-like production as a perfect trace. Jewelry will leave a hand traces, perfectionists please avoid. 3. Each product has a different size, length, careful purchase. I try to release the physical try on the map, if not, please use their own feet measure. The chain of the chain is the length of the entire neck circumference, so you can use soft feet around the budget necklace length. Maintenance: If you want to keep the metal part of the more shiny, please carefully protect it, to avoid rapid oxidation. 1. If you wear jewelry before using skin care products / cosmetics / perfume, as far as possible after the dry wear jewelry; 2. When wearing jewelry, try not to touch the water or bath, touch the water with a dry cloth gently dry. Especially do not wear swimming, sea water or salt water will make the metal speed oxidation; 3. Do not wear sleep; 4. Remove the jewelry with a dry cloth after wiping sweat and stains, and placed in the enclosed self-sealed bags to save, you can use wiping silver cloth wipe maintenance; 5. Keep away from cosmetics / skin care products or volatile substances, placed in a cool dry place. Natural stone degaussing: Do not flush in the water hose / water (because the metal part to avoid water), usually you can use a dry cloth to wipe the crystal surface. Such as demagnetization, available crystal clusters, white crystal debris buried, lit sage ﹑ Aura and other methods; if you do not believe the energy, you can ignore. + + + + + + + + + ++++++ Origin / manufacturing method Handmade in Hong Kong


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