Silver Needle Ceramic Earrings Original Cream Love Earrings Mini Earrings Fired at 1280°C

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Handwork, patience, temperature. The designer added different proportions of color powder to the white porcelain according to the creative needs, specially made different colors, and patiently stacked layers of dyed porcelain of different thicknesses to create porcelain earrings with delicate lines like jade. Each pair of porcelain earrings will be hand-poli


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Silver Needle Ceramic Earrings Original Cream Love Earrings Mini Earrings Fired at 1280°C


Carefully from the preparation of the color of the raw materials, shaping, polishing to glazing and kiln firing, this is the necessary process for every pair of hand-dyed porcelain earrings to be delivered to you and your hands. During the molding process, the artist must patiently wait for each layer of dyed porcelain to dry, and then add the next layer of color. The manufacturing process in this way is like the birth of a stone. The smooth and consistent surface has clean color blocks and fine horizontal straight lines, which is different from the unevenness of direct hand-painted colors on the surface of china clay. Take this cream handmade ceramic earrings as an example. The method is to first add cream colored porcelain clay, add pure white porcelain after drying, repeat the drying steps, and then add fine dark blue dyed porcelain (because the amount is very small, it appears What comes out are detailed lines), and so on. The top layer is cream-colored dyed porcelain. The cream handmade ceramic earrings use simple three colors-pure white, dark navy blue and cream, and use the amount of color to change different earring styles. The ceramic surface is thinly covered with a transparent glaze, which has a bright surface texture. Different manufacturing processes show different effects. Hope you and you will like it. Material: Porcelain, transparent glaze, 925 sterling silver ear pins Size: Porcelain (without ear pins), heart-shaped width of 0.9 cm Weight: Approximately 0.7 grams per piece This earring is very light. Suitable for everyday wear. **About creative materials** The studio adds white porcelain to different proportions of toner to create different colors according to creative needs. Different from the common metal jewelry, the use of dyed porcelain to make jewelry can show rich color levels or experiment with bold color matching. Porcelain that has been fired at a high temperature of 1280 degrees Celsius has increased hardness and has the characteristics of hard and non-fading. **package** Each pair of earrings will be packed in a chocolate-style carton, giving gifts that are both environmentally friendly and special! **Reminder** -The earrings are all handmade, so each pair of earrings contains different nuances and is also unique. -The picture of the work may have color difference due to the color rendering of each computer. Please make sure to confirm your understanding before purchasing. **-Shipping from Germany to Taiwan takes a long time. The length of the delivery time will be affected by the festivals and customs of the two places. Please place an order again with acceptable buyers. It is recommended that buyers reserve at least ten working days. (It takes about one to two weeks to ship from Germany to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. However, please refer to the actual situation.)** All goods will be sent from Germany by registered mail. After the goods are shipped, the buyer will receive the tracking number of the package and can check the progress of the package at any time. Origin / manufacturing method Designed by Taiwanese │ Handmade│ Made in Germany **Click here to see all design works:**


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