Handmade vegetable tanned leather-round backpack

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Simple and generous, moderate in size, multi-layer storage space, both functional, low-key bag that can be carried on any occasion.



Handmade vegetable tanned leather-round backpack


**If you want to check the product color in detail, please slide down to the swatch item, you can refer to the relevant swatch option, thank you.** **The color ticket is a reference color, and the color of each batch of leather may vary. If the color is required, it is recommended to go to the store for selection.** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49027305853_52a8f3f075.jpg product features: Simple and generous, moderate in size, multi-layer storage space, both functional, low-key bag that can be carried on any occasion. Side mezzanine: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49012087616_d0b8baa10a.jpg Color ticket: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50358887666_8e2b0e130a.jpg Dimensions: Bag: width 24 * height 28 * thickness 10 cm Outer three-dimensional bag: width 20.5 * depth 14 * thickness 3.5 cm Outer side sandwich bag: width 10 * depth 13 cm Sticker inner bag: width 17.5 * depth 17 cm Zipper inner pocket: width 18.5 * depth 15.5 cm ●The products are all handmade and measured, so there will be some errors. ●**The part of the strap hardware buckle will vary due to the time provided by the manufacturer. We cannot choose it. Please forgive me.** ● commodity Jie provided free typing services, currently only available in engraving__capital or small letters and numbers__part,**Be sure to fill in the desired position in the remarks column and the words**, due to manual die, that every Each letter needs to be accurately stamped every time, so consumers need to include it. ●With 10 characters as a unit, free engraving within 10 characters, 30 yuan for more than one unit, please contact us through the station letter. ●The designer will emboss each letter carefully. If there is a slight skew, please forgive the consumer for trouble; but if you have a perfect idea, please think twice about whether to buy it. ●After engraving, a photo will be sent to you for confirmation. We will only make the goods for you after confirming the acceptance. Except for the major unrepairable defects of the goods, we do not accept returns or exchanges for this part. Commodity notes: 1. The leather is hand-dyed by the master, and the color of each batch may vary. 2. The color of the product picture will have different color differences due to the display of each computer screen. The actual product color is the standard. 3. This shop uses natural vegetable tanned leather, which has growth patterns, insect spots, scars or shades of color, etc. This is a natural pattern, which also means that each natural imprint is unique. Please place an order based on personal acceptance. 4. After you complete the order procedure on this website, the system will automatically send an email to notify you, but the notification only confirms that the system has received your order, and does not mean that the transaction has been completed or the contract has been established. Will reserve the right to accept your order. If the goods are indeed in stock, the transaction conditions are correct and the payment procedures have been completed, this website will arrange the shipment as soon as possible and send an email to notify you. 5.__**Commodity inventory will be updated every morning during working hours. The product was sold yesterday at the time of the following order. We will notify you as soon as possible. Please forgive me for this part.**__


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