Shaped coin purse (multi-pattern) key bag sundries bag charm bag million storage bag

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Hanging inside and outside the bag, Find your essentials in seconds! It can be a change card package, Key case (GoGoRO key case), Carry-on makeup, facial tissue, small things bag, private bag, Whatever you say!



Shaped coin purse (multi-pattern) key bag sundries bag charm bag million storage bag

商品説明 ▲ Hanging outside the bag, let the bag have another dazzling layer! In addition to becoming a small change, Key case (not scratching other items), Hanging on everyday bags, you can easily find, Proximity cards, facial tissues, necessary makeup, small things ... etc. ☆ Before ordering, please read the Design House Trading Policy carefully ☆ ○ Approximately 13x13 cm ○ Use YKK plastic steel zipper with wax rope, copper hook and key ring. ○ The wax rope is about 18cm; it can be lifted and hung on the wrist or bag. ○ Imitation linen pattern printing surface, water-repellent coating, stain resistance, quick-drying, The surface of the cloth can be cleaned by using water droplets from the beverage. ※pay attention: The cloth surface is woven with thick thread fibers, It is normal to make the pattern slightly mottled. -Photos have different color differences depending on the monitor. -Handmade product size may be slightly different -Mail is registered as a post office, and someone needs to sign for it at the door. -Ask questions before ordering, don't imagine misunderstanding. ───── Original pattern printing ───── ------------------------------------- ◇ Printing colors will be changed due to irresistible factors such as humidity, room temperature, weather, etc. The pattern on the cloth will slightly mottle the pattern. The pattern is artificially cut. It cannot be the same for every piece, and the shape is slightly different. The offset is normal, and the production at the same time will be slightly different. It is also difficult to make by hand. It cannot be as accurate as machine copy. ▲ Some real shots ▲ Small things must be easy to find ▲ With key ring Maintenance method: It is recommended to use dry in the shade. Do not use bleach or chlorine-based cleaning agents. Do not soak and wash for a long time. Local rubbing can easily cause damage to fabric tissue and discoloration. It is a natural phenomenon that fiber cloth products discolor and fade due to moisture, sun or high temperature. ▲ Slight mottled printing of the cloth pattern is normal, and each one is in an uncertain position. ☆ Precautions before ordering ☆ ➤ Preparations (pre-prepared semi-finished products / finished products), you can ask whether there are preparations before ordering. ➤ The production time may be about 14 days to 2 months, or it may be earlier. Due to the material, style, quantity, and ordering time of the work, the time that the preparation / finished product is completed will be painted. If you can't wait, you can change the style with the preparation. ➤ If you ca n’t wait, please do not, never, do not order, so as not to cause you and me trouble! Thank you! ➤ Sorry, sometimes I am helpless and can't handle urgent drops. ➤ The work is done by hand from cutting to sewing. There must be a gap in size, size, shape and color, and it will not be exactly the same. ➤ If you have any questions, please ask before [before ordering]! Detailed communication can save the effort, money and time consumed by misunderstanding. ➤ Handmade goods are inevitably a little imperfect. That is the beauty of handmade products. High perfectionists don't order! Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / iShare Original Handmade


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