Mao Xingxing - Planetary Brown Back Backpack (webbing / belt version)

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Mao Galaxy: We are planets of each other. Small-sized square bags, clean and light cloth, and two adjustable shoulder straps. Different journeys have their own suitable straps. The intimate small storage mezzanine is ready for this episode! The fascinating


Mao Xingxing - Planetary Brown Back Backpack (webbing / belt version)

商品説明 Do you often think about it: cats must be species in outer space, and telegraphs on paper and plastic bags every day are mysterious and unbelievable; and dogs are so innocent and so clever, and the planets must be separated from cat stars. Not far away! The cat and dog planets in our eyes are both cute and vivid. Each backpack color is a different personality. Look at the hairy children at home, which color is most like him? ⌈ Planet bag series⌉ (Aqua blue) (Blue pink) (Leather Pink) (Coral reef) (Beige ✔︎) (Brown) ⌊ ----- ⌋ Couple models, sister models you have! Come to the high-key flashing of the Mao children accompanying the day and night? #size: Length: 2 6 cm Width: 10 cm Height: 1 9 cm #strap: Faux leather, leather and webbing (Imitation of leather and leather look the same) #embroidery: There are cat planets and dog planets on the back cover. #材料:synthetic fiber ␥ ␥ ␥ Q: How do you clean the embroidery? A: The embroidery thread is specially selected to touch the water and not faded. It can be more worry-free in manual cleaning! Q: Is this embroidery a public version in circulation? A: Not awkward! It’s our own hard work to think about it from the concept. If you see the same style or deliberately imitate it, please let us know by secret message! About the back backpack Q: Is this backpack waterproof? A: Mainly anti-splashing! Splashing or smearing the outer layer will be wet, but will not affect the inner layer and contents. Q: Can the size of the backpack be loaded with A4? A: No! Q: What is the recommended trip for this backpack? A: 1. Carrying a small bag when you go out to play Like a small trip for shopping, adjusting the straps, water-repellent effect and multiple storage compartments are more intimate! Can accommodate the right amount of goods and beautiful! It’s easier to travel lightly with a baby boy! 2. Go shopping around The small zipper pocket in the inner layer, the lip balm, hand cream, facial tissue are well received, canned with you? No problem, I put it all right. Q: Is this a male or female bag? A: For us, gender is not such an absolute classification. What color matching does not matter, purely personal preference! ␥ Purchase instructions␥ ►Washing method: hand washing is better, do not use bleach, dry in the shade. ►The color of the product will be different due to the light or the screen. The color of the product will be slightly darker. If you mind, please detour. ►Please carefully confirm the product style, size and working day. Purchase steps: Step 1: Select the product style, color and size. Step 2: Determine the shipping date. If you have any questions or special needs, please ask for a private message. Step 3: Make sure the payment is correct. Step 4: The production time of the hand-made payment is calculated after the payment is made, plus the number of days of delivery, which is the arrival time. ◎Do not overtime, but the quantity of the order is guaranteed to guarantee the best quality. If you have an urgent order, please contact customer service first. ◎ Handmade goods are not perfect, it is inevitable that there are small thread or hand stitching, which are all normal works of hand-made goods. ◎ Cannot be returned except for major defects. For example: item error, size and error on the confirmation of the order, excessive cloth stains, etc. (Single size: cm/all are flat and 2 cm error is normal) 制作 Production and arrival time instructions␥ ◎ Star fans after your backpack: Shipped within three working days after receipt, please contact us if you have special needs or urgent items. ►Remittance after 17:00, the production schedule will be calculated from tomorrow. 运送 Shipping method selection␥ Cash on delivery: The number of days of delivery is two to three days. Super store to shop: The number of days of delivery is two to three days, mainly for logistics manufacturers, and it may take longer to meet special festivals. Home delivery: The delivery date is two days, and the delivery time can be specified as morning/afternoon. Mailing: Send by limited time registration, the delivery days are two to three days. ►Please note! Mailing can only be sent from Monday to Friday! ►Please note! Overseas delivery will vary according to local shipping and arrival time! ►Please note! This design hall is sent by post. Please send me a note to the order sent by Hong Kong and Macao! 杉 Cedar leaves Cedar Leaves ␥


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