Peach pink flower withered classical roses square flower box ceremony

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Quick shipment of hand-made Japanese imports of flowers Japan imported packaging flower ceremony



Peach pink flower withered classical roses square flower box ceremony


ROSE DECO Non-flowering three-dimensional frame products Launched a large non-withered flower and a small flower with a rose garden PVC photo frame You can make the flowers more durable and not easy to clean and do not need to clean up Photo frame can stand alone Can be placed on the desk or dressing table Eternal life never withered roses Rose is the real flowers are not plastic flowers or dried flowers Photo frame with roses and green hydrangeas are not Japan withered flowers are imported Whether it is given to yourself or to the most important of his / her / family / friends / newlyweds In different festivals Can try to replace the bouquet The luxury flower frame rose gift dedicated to the most important people around !! It will be very special Outside flower shop can not buy the exclusive flower ceremony ~ ~ [Design Hall Trading Policy] The design museum does not provide two / triple invoices and invoices and other unlicensed use After the order is made, please complete the payment within 3 days from the date of payment over the payment time will cancel the order Many bad records will not be pinkoi website shopping Please note Please be sure to read the design shop trading policy !! [Product Description] Not withered roses imported from Japan Rose is from South America This brand is not withered Has a hard-to-break feature Pure hand-made roses flower frame without withered flowers [What is not withered ??] Not withered flowers (also known as eternal flowers ﹑ ﹑ star flower ﹑ flower) Will flowers with special high-tech treatment, after dehydration ﹑ leg color ﹑ dry process from. Not withered color ﹑ appearance, feel and flowers is no different. Flowers can only wither for 7 days. Not withered flowers retain the qualities, and can be preserved for a long time (at least 1-3 years), is never withered flowers. [Size and specifications] Frame size: about 15 cm, width of about 15 cm, thickness of about 5.5 cm Import is not withered flower Size: Large diameter of about 5.5 cm Small flower about 4.5 cm Sample peach pink with peach pink [Material] Not withered roses: Japan imported top and eternal flower brand Not withered hydrangea: Japan imported Not withered seaweed: European imports Photo Frame: (Japan imported) plastic wood material. [ Maintenance] 1. Do not water or touch with your hands often, do not place outdoors, avoid direct sunlight. (Direct sunlight can cause petal fading) 2. If there is dust on the flower, please use the hair dryer to gently blow the dust off. 3. If the room is damp, please do not expose the flowers to air for a long time. (Humidity is too high will cause the petals become transparent) 4. Save the right environment (humidity 40% to 70%, temperature 4 ℃ ~ 30 ℃), eternal rose can be maintained 1-3 years, or even longer time. 5. Do not eat. 6. Contact with clothing If staining occurs, lightly wipe with water and soap at room temperature. 7. Do not let the flowers straight into the cold air or into the refrigerator, will lead to petal dry fragmentation conditions. 8. Each flower is processed from natural flowers, each flower color, shape, size are a little different. 9. Immortal flowers In the delivery process, petal fragmentation may occur, this is a normal phenomenon, non-flawed or defective. Trimming petal edges can be done with eyebrow scissors. 10. Commodity photo color will have a color difference, the actual product color prevail. [Shipping / Packaging] Delivery date can not be specified No bundled cards / exquisite wrapping paper / bags Please receive the goods to prepare Be sure to unpack the day of receipt of the goods to confirm the integrity of the goods, there is a serious damage to the goods, please receive the goods within 24 hours from the letter and take pictures, is not expected to be responsible [Product Related Issues] Welcome letter asked (Reply / Service Hours Monday to Friday - Day 6 / Holiday Break) Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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