Parrot bird jewelry custom made-two bracelet articles

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Handmade and completely customized to make your unique memories. The bird body is non-ceramic, resistant to falling and very light. The price is two sets. Please refer to the price of the necklace for each item. The price will increase when the quantity in



Parrot bird jewelry custom made-two bracelet articles


Handmade and completely customized only belong to your unique memories Can do all kinds of birds, not limited to the species and quantity provided in the photos (different quantities and different prices, please discuss first and place orders in another store) Customization steps: Upload photos and other requirements directly after placing an order The designer will reply to the message to discuss the details and draw a simple design within 1-2 days Production is confirmed after finalization Please provide at least one clear and correct photo of the front and side Material: Resin Clay / Acrylic / Crystal Size: Bird body is about 1.5cm fine-tuning according to design requirements, the chain length can be adjusted to 14cm + extension chain (adjustable) Accessories: metal chain and parts (chain part can be replaced with wax wire) Packaging: fine paper box Valet service: If you need a gift, you can attach a small card of blessing, please give the content when you give the photo Please note: The order cannot accept urgent orders. Considering the material characteristics, the normal production time is 2 weeks to 1 month. It may be adjusted if the weather conditions or the designer's physical conditions are different There may be slight color differences due to the differences in photos displayed. If you have special needs, please propose them during the discussion. Both painting and handicraft have style habits, please refer to the style of the work picture to make sure that you like to place an order Hand-made can only be done as best as possible, some details will be simplified due to size Free correction if there is a defect in the shipping process or a defect caused by the designer's mistake Repairs within a reasonable range can be provided for free twice (please attach the return envelope and original packaging) Do not accept reproduction and modification without reasonable reasons **This product is customized and does not apply to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law. The 7-day hesitation period stipulates that cancellation or return will not be accepted after the design is confirmed.** Other special designs or animal numbers are available. For additional requirements and costs, please discuss by private message. For other works, please refer to FB fan page: Shiratori Qingqing hand-made embroidery and illustration or IG: analekia Maintenance and small reminders: Keep the jewelry away from water as much as possible, and dry it as soon as possible after getting wet Clay works are resistant to fall but do not squeeze It is recommended to put it in a carton or other storage box when not equipped In order to ensure the safety during delivery, the works are in the box with the back side facing up. If you want to give a gift, you can take out the adjustment first


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