Natural Blue Apatite-Lapis Lazuli-Tianhe Stone-Labradorite-Sterling Silver-Crystal Bracelet

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Cut and irregular gems, staggered arrangement of lake blue and royal blue, suitable for you with strong personal style



Natural Blue Apatite-Lapis Lazuli-Tianhe Stone-Labradorite-Sterling Silver-Crystal Bracelet


[Gem] 1. Labradorite 10 * 14mm / double-sided blue light / larger natural stone has ore deficiency 2.lapis lazuli 6.5mm 3.Tianhe Stone 7.8mm 4.Apatite is about 5 * 8mm in size 5.Black agate 5.4mm 6.25 Sterling Silver Beads Dimensions are measured by electronic vernier, and the amount of flat feet will be 1-2MM less visually. [Size] It can be made according to your hand circumference. Please keep the hand circumference and discuss the tightness with me. Each hand ball will be attached with wires, gems, and teaching (the diagram is simple and easy). You can modify it to adjust it to the most suitable size. [Description] These are selected natural gems, no optimization and no dyeing, ice cracks, cotton wool, impurities, mineral defects, etc. These are natural marks. Please accept its imperfections and return positive energy. [Color difference] The photos are magnified visually because they are taken at close range, and will be smaller than you think! The color difference is inevitable, please be considerate ^^ [Maintenance] 1. Be sure to remove it when taking a bath, so as to prevent the bath milk and soap scale from penetrating into the crystal perforations, and the accumulated dirt will be difficult to clean. 2. With 925 silver jewelry, the sterling silver jewelry's anti-blackening and yellowing is a natural oxidation phenomenon. It can be wiped with a silver cloth, or lightly brushed with toothpaste, and then wiped clean. [Packaging] Gem Special Transparent Envelope Box / Flat Paper Bag / Silver Wipe Wrapping paper and twine random colors -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- lapis lazuli Lapis lazuli is mainly composed of lapis lazuli and calcite. The color is uniform and crack-free, and the texture is delicate. It is the body color of Tibetan Buddhism Chinese medicine practitioner Buddha. Often wear it to protect your health and be free of illness and disaster. Labradorite Labradorite can stimulate the potential, has the energy characteristics of calmness, firmness, and long wave. It is helpful to strengthen vitality and improve physical endurance for those who are prone to fatigue and often poor energy. Tianhe Stone Help people to extract negative thoughts with energy of luck, speculation, and danger. Strengthening one's self-confidence is the gem of confidence, helping to rekindle confidence and bring new hope. apatite Blue apatite removes the obstruction of the chakras and restores the body's balance. It can also remove the energy of the external cluttered air field, introduce positive energy, and bring a feeling of rebirth to the body. Blue apatite is an ore that helps balance chakras and yin and yang energy.


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