Taiwan alder + mahogany shallow box

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size: The inner diameter of the box is about 21.3X12.6XH4.6CM. Outer diameter is about 22.3X13.2XH (without cover) 6CM. Simple shallow box. It can be used as a desk stationery storage tray or a small object storage.


Taiwan alder + mahogany shallow box


The inner diameter of the box is about 21.3X12.6XH4.6CM. Outer diameter is about 22.3X13.2XH (without cover) 6CM. The box body is made of Taiwan alder, with mahogany in contrasting color. At some angles, there will be a glitter texture. The color is very unique. (The photo / screen display has a large color difference, please check the actual product first, I am in Kaohsiung City) The box is embossed with tiny walnut wedges. Adopting woodworking glue, carefully crafted, simple shape, polished and detailed. The outer layer is painted with wood oil and natural beeswax, and the interior is unpainted and unwaxed. If you need to paint after purchase, please specify, and you can apply another layer of beeswax. **Tochigi is a new work of old materials.The bottom plate is two pieces of spliced non-one plate. There are some nail hole traces at the bottom of the frame. Friends who require perfect and flawless please do not subscript ~** **/ Maintenance method /** The wood has been coated with natural beeswax, which can prevent the penetration of dirt. It can be wiped gently with a wrung cloth. Do not expose it to moisture for a long time or place it in a humid place or directly exposed to high temperature. **/other instructions/** 1. The photos are taken in real products and presented as many angles as possible, but each screen display must have color difference. The photos may also have the illusion of magnification or different textures due to light. If you have any questions about the work or want to see more detailed photos, please write and discuss in advance. 2. All the products in this design hall are hand-produced by me, not a large amount of machined production, so if you see what you like, you can start as soon as possible, because there is no way to buy it after the sale, and the second one cannot appear the same. ~ (Even if the item size is the same, the wood texture may not be the same), each is unique ~ 3. The precision and appearance of hand works are limited. Please understand the definition of hand works first. For perfectionist friends, please refer to it for reference. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us by letter or make an appointment to see the actual product (I am in Kaohsiung City). 4. For the sake of environmental protection, the packaging is mainly based on the recycled cardboard boxes on hand. There is no special outer box for Meimei ~ Friends who are very concerned about packaging, please forgive me in advance! Thank you in advance for your support of hand-made wooden products. Any questions and suggestions are welcome.


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