Chenxi Aurora Embossed Phone Case NOTE11 SE2

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Flower season limited :: water lily. Flower language :: clean, pure, holy.


Chenxi Aurora Embossed Phone Case NOTE11 SE2


Dawn-Aurora The thorns surrounding the castle slowly disarmed the layers. The prince entered the silent castle and climbed into the top room of the ancient building. Aurora closed her beautiful eyes tightly, but couldn't hide her peerless look. Looking at the sleeping Princess Aurora, she couldn't help but kiss the Princess. Sleeping beauty Aurora slept for a hundred years, and was awakened by the prince's kiss at the moment. Princess Aurora, who opened her eyes, shone like a dawn. Flower season limited :: water lily. Flower language :: clean, pure, holy. [Copyright notice has been applied for copyright, please copy your own weight]. -product quality- Dry real flower / resin / plastic -Mobile phone case material- Double shell: the middle part is acrylic (hard), all sides are covered with silicone (soft) -Customized instructions- [1] About 10 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). [2] Does not accept non-brand custom suits. . -Precautions- [1] The mobile phone case is a fully transparent soft shell with four sides. The surface of the mobile phone case will be filled with a layer of gem glue to seal the flower materials. The flower materials will eventually be embedded in the center, so do n’t worry about falling. Some flowers are thick or overlapped, and may be slightly raised (for example: daisy stamens / flying swallow stamens / gypsophila) [2] All products are 100% hand-made, no mechanical defoaming is used, so tiny bubbles will randomly appear, which does not affect normal use. [3] The pictures in the design hall are for reference only. The arrangement of the flower materials in the design cannot be 100% the same. If the flowers and plants meet the seasonal shortage, they will use the existing color flowers to make a similar style, so each creation will Is unique. [4] Some models will use a primary color flower material (no dyeing) after pouring, it will slightly become transparent, but it is normal and not a flaw. [5] There is a color difference between the mobile phone and the computer screen, and the actual color may be slightly different. [6] Handmade goods, no returns or exchanges, each real flower product is unique and "will not be exactly the same". Friends who care about this, please consider carefully before placing an order. List of models that can be made (For non-Apple brand suggestions, please write to us first) ▌APPLE ▌ Iphone 5 and above ▌SAMSUNG ▌ A series C series J series N series S series ▌OPPO ▌ A series R series ▌SONY ▌ X series Some models of ASUS / HUAWEI / VIVO / LG / MOTO / NOKIA / Xiaomi. *Attention! There are many models of mobile phones, and not every model can be used as a pressed flower shell. It is recommended to ask if you can customize your model before placing an order. Thank you.*


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