[AFU] Cat House

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[name] AFU cat house [price] $299/group [Product Specifications] 30*32*30 cm (opening 23*19 cm) [material] paper 【Precau


[AFU] Cat House


[name] AFU cat house [price] $299/group [Product Specifications] 30*32*30 cm (opening 23*19 cm) [material] paper 【Precautions】 ★The product contains 4 pieces of scratch board ★ pay attention to stay away from fire [Buyers attention] ★ Products need to be assembled by themselves. ★ The back door of the cat house is round and can be opened or not opened. ★ You can purchase a supplemental piece for $35, which piece can be changed and changed. 【product description】 ★Network sales NO.1~ ★ You can also plug in a funny cat! The cat is super love, and it is fun~ ★ 5-layer carton for export, hardness is super hard, hardness is made of cardboard, 100% recyclable~ ★MIT made in Taiwan, TAIWAN NO.1~ ※Patent certificate number M548959※ ※ Patent products must be counterfeited [Cat's claw problem] Grinding the claws is a cat's nature. It is a pleasure to grind your claws freely. You can stand by and study the posture of the cat's claws. Look closely, each cat's paws have different expressions! But if you are afraid that the cat's claws are too good to scratch people or wear out furniture, you can go to the pet supplies store to buy cat-specific toenail scissors, and regularly help the cat to repair the claws. But be careful, when helping a cat to repair a paw, don't cut it too deeply, only cut the sharp part of the toenail, and cut the claws of the cat too deeply. If you accidentally hurt the cat's claws, don't panic when you see the bleeding. First press the toe roots firmly, then press the cotton or toilet paper to stop the bleeding. Do not relax. About five to ten minutes, you can stop bleeding. If it is not enough, the cat may have problems with blood coagulation, so seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some people apply the claw to the claw because of the claw-claw problem. The claw-cutting operation is to cut off the first finger and completely remove the cells of the long nail. Since the cat does not understand what the sin of the claws that God has given it, the cat that is subjected to the claw surgery will still perform the claw-clawing action, because it is the driving force of nature. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- What is the reason why cats love to grind their claws? Cat grinding claws can be said to be instinct derived from their ancestors. Grinding claws are a cat's habit, so it is impossible to stop it. For small cats, the claw is its most powerful weapon, so it is necessary to wear away the aging horny from time to time to make it sharp. In addition, the claws are also used to show their power and increase the smell. Defending the home's claws 1. Many cats think that they are the masters of this family. Therefore, defending their homes has become their unshirkable responsibility. If cats often grind their paws near the door, it may mean that they think the potential "invaders" will come in from here. 2, in addition, the claws are also to show their own power, increase the smell. There is a smelly gland in the forefoot of the cat, so it is also used to make the foot have its own smell. Cat grinding claws can be said to be instinct derived from their ancestors Another reason why the cat grinds the paw: First: grinding the claws can speed up the old nails and new nails. Second: there is a sweat gland between the cat's nails, which can radiate the unique taste of only oneself. As a very strong animal, they leave the taste in the possession of the ground by grinding the claws.


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