MARIA hot water bottle (light coffee stripes)

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The outer layer of Lapuan Kankurit's hot water bottle is made of 100% wool. The comfortable material and stylish design make the hot water bottle a very household item.


MARIA hot water bottle (light coffee stripes)


The outer layer of Lapuan Kankurit's hot water bottle is woven with 100% wool. The comfortable material is matched with the stylish design, so that the hot water bottle is very beautiful. The soft touch will not cause discomfort no matter what part of the body it touches. 2 The large liter capacity increases the heat preservation time of the hot water bottle and is convenient to use. It is definitely a good thing to deal with in Taiwan's wet and cold winter days. Especially in Taiwan, most houses have no heating. Girls often have cold hands and feet. Hot water bottles are the best small things to keep warm. When menstruation comes, many people like to warm their stomachs with hot water bottles, which can also effectively reduce the discomfort during menstruation. The inner layer of Lapuan Kankurit's hot water bottle is made by Germany's top hot water bottle brand Fasty. The heat-resistant temperature reaches 90 degrees, the odorless material is stable and durable, and a small hook is attached at the end of the bottle for easy removal. Water leakage prevention, the overall design and texture are perfect! Product Information Origin: Finland Capacity: 2 liters Precautions for use: When injecting hot water, it is recommended to hold the thermos bottle upright with the outer neck in an enveloped condition, and then slowly inject the hot water to 2/3 full. After pouring hot water, gently press the thermos body slowly to remove the air in the bottle, then turn into the stopper and tighten it. Note on washing: The inner rubber thermos can be removed, and the outer layer of wool can be washed. Wool fabrics are recommended to be dry-cleaned or hand-washed at low temperature (not more than 30 degrees). Powdered detergents are recommended to dissolve in water before washing. After cleaning, you can gently wring, or you can use a towel press to absorb water as much as possible. Dry naturally afterwards. It is not recommended to use a washing machine to wash or dehydrate. Wool products cannot be dried.


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