Centennial London Pictorial Postcard

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Centennial London Illustrated Postcard Leaflet for Sale


Centennial London Pictorial Postcard


Product Name: London Centennial London Pictorial Postcard "London Illustrated" is a weekly magazine that was popular among the nobles in Britain a hundred years ago. It is published weekly. No matter it is current affairs, news, folk, fashion, art, culture, ecology, and technological inventions, it is also included in the weekly magazine. , A reading book only for highly intellectuals. The pictures and pictures recorded in the pictorial are all engraved and printed. It is time-consuming to print them by hand and print them by hand. The content and pictures of the out-of-print London Illustrated were carefully selected by our shop and designers, and printed into postcards, so that these fine and beautiful pictures will be presented to everyone again. A total of 16 types can be provided for collection, or you can hand write the words of blessing and missed words to friends and family. Product desciption: "Awarded cattle and sheep" 19 December 1874 The exquisite hand-painting in the picture shows the heroic posture of the award-winning herds at that time, and even the meticulous degree of cattle hair is clearly presented. About the club hosting the game: The British Royal Smithfield Club was founded in 1798 at the time. The club was in the public interest to improve and promote the breeding of cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and other livestock. The club aims to achieve this through primitive animal husbandry and carcass competitions and technical performances across the UK. The sale of these cattle and sheep flocks occupies an important position in the exhibition. In 2004, the champion heifer sold for up to 16,000 pounds, while the 2013 champion lamb sold for 10,200 pounds. The club was honored to receive the Queen's Royal Status recognition in 1960, and in 1999 was led by the 17th Duke Andrew Duke Andrew as the club's bicentennial celebration, including a 1998 history exhibition. Today, the club's work is as usual, promoting activities in the meat industry to help farmers and butchers demand the high-quality meat that consumers demand. Today's meat market is becoming more aware of animal welfare, environmental protection and precise meat sources, meeting the highest standards of safety. * This design museum mainly focuses on old and antique collections. Perfectionism and friends who are used to buying new products, please think twice before placing an order If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. Thank you! I also hope you can fall in love with the beauty of history ^^ Size: 15 * 10.5cm Each envelope is provided with a transparent envelope Material: Paper Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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