Pure - Emerald green titanium ear acupuncture pair

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◆ titanium germanium happy health jewelry ◆ Fashion show unique taste! ◆ light, comfortable, not allergic, new fashion ◆


Pure - Emerald green titanium ear acupuncture pair


◆ titanium germanium happy health jewelry ◆ Fashion show unique taste! ◆ light, comfortable, not allergic, new fashion ◆ department stores to provide better after-sales cleaning service ◆ Airport Customs metal detectors do not need to remove https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/timisa/M06025-YE-01.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/timisa/M06025-YE-02.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/timisa/M06025-580-T3.jpg Pure titanium earrings series of 9 colors optional: Vitality yellow / sweetheart powder / mysterious purple / passionate red / emerald green / personality black / translucent white / light blue / blue https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/timisa/M06025-ALL-01.jpg You can change one for other colors to buy, please indicate in the remarks column. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/timisa/M06025-ALL-03.jpg If you need to mix and match, please indicate the desired color in the comment field. EX: vitality yellow + emerald green one. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/timisa/T580-all.jpg ----------- Material: Titanium titanium + zircon Model: M06025-GR Size: Needle about 11mm × zircon diameter about 5mm × thickness 3.5mm Weight: 1 0.30g (without ear clip) Accessories: original brand storage box, brand paper bag, product warranty card ------------------------- Pure titanium jewelry maintenance methods: Recommended wash together with the bath, do not need to remove. As Taiwan's air pollution particles too much, mixed body sweat, it will cause the jewelry dirty, lose the original luster, if the daily wear with the wearer will help clean the dirty. Simply put, as the body wash daily and sooner or later, will help us have a new look and face every day, pure titanium with the same! Pure titanium products Nippon Yuet ornaments high purity, and pure titanium in the air and water are extremely stable, whether it is sweating exercise or bathing, hot springs, titanium jewelry (diamonds and pure germanium products do not include) do not have to wear off. Into those who wear titanium jewelry bathing, but also help to clean the sweat stains and dust on the jewelry. If long-term wear and a variety of different hardness of household necessities collision scratches, is a normal phenomenon, the product can be returned to the company to do paid polishing, see the after-sales service. Enamel products Please try to prevent collision, it is strongly recommended to take hot water and hot spring bath product. 【Pure germanium products】 Pure germanium products are also more crisp than pure titanium, do not throw throw down, or wear more intense activities. Bathing or hot springs, but also to avoid wearing pure germanium products, to prevent brittle pure germanium rapid expansion caused by heat and cause fragmentation. It is also noteworthy that, germanium metal react easily with sweat, please customers to develop a habit of cleaning after wipe. Germanium metal oxide discoloration does not affect its efficacy, consumers feel at ease to wear. 【Diamond Products】 Rhinestones made of diamond-studded products, can be worn when entering the water, but still recommended to wash off hot water or hot springs. Different from other metal accessories, such as mobile pedestal or direct sticky, the company's special mosaic method is a hand-drill happens to accommodate a rhinestone space, the perfect diamond paste embedded in them. The advantage is that it can fully reveal the luster of diamonds, and do not need to worry about the falling off of glue for a long time. However, in order to avoid the metal suddenly encounters strong rapid expansion of high temperature, the gap between the pure titanium metal wall and the slower expanding diamond is generated. It is strongly recommended to remove the diamond products when entering the hot water and the hot spring bath. Any further questions, please private information us! We will do our best to answer your questions :) Origin / manufacturing methods Japan Design / Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany


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