True love circle ring / Soba

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Although it seems to be light and clear, occasionally I would like to have some refreshing soba noodles.


True love circle ring / Soba


**:: True Love Circle Series Bracelets::** Love is a small circle of infinite reincarnation. Tightly entangling you and entangling me May be frustrated and may lose confidence But still will love (Man is useless) (no love is a good nature) • There are a total of five buttons to choose from. When ordering, please remember to select the buttons. Otherwise, make them randomly. • This product is ordered by order. The production period is about 2-3 days. If you really need it, please note or privately report us:) **❁ What to do** • Cotton, wax leather, buttons **哪个 Which button do you want to wear today?** Buttons are all beautiful buckles carefully selected by us. Please choose your favorite one slowly. Photos from left to right are A ~ E. • A: Red-brown bottom drag, wavy edge, bright surface pattern. • B: Golden bottom drag, hemispherical surface, white ball on the planet like a grainy road. • C: Bronze base drag, classical grazing, with black enamel in the middle. • D: Golden bottom drag, chocolate cocoa color bright face. • E: Ancient silver bottom drag, simple and elegant carving. **❁ Select size** • S: hand circumference 13.5-15 cm • M: Hand circumference 15-16 cm • L: Hand circumference 16-17.5 cm • If you like a bit tight or loose, welcome to speak with us. • Special size, please note your hand circumference when ordering! **怎么 How about the size of the hands** Take a hand-available rope or rope (hemp rope, cotton rope, long paper strip) **Keep abreast of the wrist**"Want to wear a bracelet" Remove it and use a ruler to measure it. **保养 Maintenance method** • Water resistant material, it doesn't matter if you take a bath. (Of course it is recommended to take it, you can wear it longer, and also prevent fading) • When not normally worn, it is recommended to put it in a dry and ventilated place so that it will not become moldy! - **・About Miss Black and White ・** Black and white Miss Miss B&W, co-founded by a black and white two girls. I like to see people look happy and want to spread what I can do to a place farther and farther away. This world is not beautiful, but it is everything that humans must face. We hope that these small, insignificant warmths will make every day a little different. **・What do we sell?** Postcards | Let's get what you see in your trip, become your nutrient. Bracelet|I hope everyone who wears it can spend every day laughing. Earrings | Put a little fantasy into a glass ball, and let us not forget that it is the most pure heart in your heart.


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