Bean chair (between green grass)

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Bean chair (between green grass)


Japan Shuiyu texture really has a unique feel, The color also tend to have a little conflict coordination, With a brown wooden chairs, upholstery off each other there was a sense of old Showa, Using cotton, random swatches cut, so each bean chair has a different appearance, Beans and wood chairs with rounded texture, set off each other. **/ What's Features /** ◆ mellow. Hornless Beans just like all the children the same, with a different appearance, and no rounded corners (evil), Corners without fear of being hurt. ◆ height. Intention Height of the chair to sit just learned villain design, so that your feet can touch the floor, like Exclusive chair. ◆ hand. Mortise Chair body by hand the traditional mortise wedge, instead of nails, safety and environmental protection. ◆ widened. share it The seat can be made under the two villains, of course, also be used as paternity chair (bear hug!) Or adult chair, Let the children know how to share and to increase interaction, just like his other toy. ◆ natural. Wood Full use of natural wood made, in addition to access to the natural wood texture and touch, Each bean chair texture is unique, solid weight, take up more stability. ◆ hand. Make Bean chair is handmade by the number of master production staff person, even a seemingly simple mark, are full of a lot of "brow" Master their experience with the manual, let Peas chairs have a different feel the temperature. ◆ pad. Not mat Detachable upholstery, hot summer weather, the use of wood for the seat, not only cool, not hot, The chilly winter, plus cushions can help ass warming. ◆ + Whypichi And cloth flowers have a strong style Whypichi bad temper, designed to work together so monotonous bean chair has its own personality. **/ Material /** Bean Chair / Solid pine Cushion / 100% Japanese cotton, foam foam, basswood sandwich panels, metal screw * 2 **/ Dimensions /** L40cm W22.5cm H 22.5cm (including the seat cushion) (Each item and are all handmade, there may be some errors) **/ For ages /** 1 year old, sitting obediently villain **/ How to clean up and maintenance /** 1. Because wood is a natural material that breathes easily thermal expansion and contraction, the need to avoid high temperatures and sunshine, Try to put in the shade, to avoid distortion. 2. beans chairs made of solid wood natural material, Please wipe with a damp cloth, then wipe with a dry cloth, Let the chair dry to extend life. 3. Do not use high temperatures or strong acid cleaning liquid, so as not to damage the paint surface protection bean chair. 4. Try to use more beans chairs, bean chair is maintenance way Oh! 5. upholstery dirty please wipe neutral detergent, then please clean water, then wipe with a dry cloth to dry, Please do not wash upholstery. **/ Cushion removal installation /** 1. Please clean and flat beans chair hand. 2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws, and safekeeping. 3. Remove the cushion, you can use. 4. cushion installed manner reverse the removal, but please both sides of the lock screw rotation lock together, Chairs and cushions to lock bean adhesion, but do not lock tight Oh, otherwise easy to hurt the surface of the wood. / Precautions/ 1. Because no backrest, please note that children use. 2. cushion disassemble accompanied by an adult present, but also to avoid hardware tools into the mouth by children. 3. Try to put in a cool place, avoid heat and sunlight. 4. The cushion can not be cleaned with a damp cloth dipped mild detergent wipe with a dry cloth or air dry. 5. The color of a slight deviation to the actual product colors prevail 6. Because the larger the seat, sit on the Collage tend to have a seesaw phenomenon, please pay attention to children to use. 7. Do not allow children to stand on the chair beans. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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