Tao Zuofang │ Jihai Year of the Pig Zodiac Memorial Teapot (All things are good)

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[Pig Years of the Year, Satisfied with Joy and Joy] The Year of the Pig, the Zodiac Memorial Tea Set is based on the meaning of "All Things", creatively transforms the shape of the piglet and the element of Fuji, and the side is gracious and welc



Tao Zuofang │ Jihai Year of the Pig Zodiac Memorial Teapot (All things are good)


[Work Idea] [Pig age is good, happy and happy] Pig, fat and lovely, thick and gentle, since ancient times, is close to human relations, easy to associate life rich and complete. After a long history of mythology and cultural interpretation, it became a symbol of good luck. The Year of the Pig, the Zodiac Memorial Tea Set is based on the meaning of "All Things", creatively transforming the shape of the piglet and the elements of the Fudge. The side is shaped and welcoming, blending in the white pottery, the style is simple and elegant, and the contemporary tea life is passed on. Meaning good wishes. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1910/44181999134_532d2477f9_z.jpg 【product features】 1. Perfect fortune The shape of the pig's body is round and full, decorated with a twisted pigtail, which is fun and cute. The rounding type is conducive to the stretching of the tea and the taste of the rich and sweet tea. The spout was repaired by the craftsman and the water was broken. The side handles the pig nose with high-spirited, lively and funny, and the line shape is easy to hold. At the same time, we will actively welcome the New Year and dare to look to the future. 2. Persimmon persimmon The wide-faced persimmon-type cover button is easy to press out of the soup, and the bottom of the cover is embossed, inheriting the classic auspicious culture, and wishing all the best in the coming year. 3. Meet the reunion Ruyi's Huhai Cup bottom-shaped part of the shape of the plastic pig four-legged standing form, meaning everything is ready, full of satisfaction. The bottom of the wishful cup is engraved with the pigtails, adding a pinch of interest; the wishful tea line is round and soft, and the water is broken. The details of the Huhai Cup echo each other, and the joyful reunion of the big pigs and pigs congratulates the Spring Festival and the beautiful reunion. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1928/29965740127_283dce3d34_z.jpg https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1939/29965739597_746512015c_z.jpg 【引引茶】 "伫在" pottery heat conduction is mild. It is easy to bring out the rich flavor of tea soup, especially suitable for semi-fermented tea or partially fermented tea. Recommended tea: Taiwan Golden Oolong Tea Tea soup performance: the tea soup is bright yellow, the tea soup is sweet, with a light milk fragrance. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1924/44902518171_25ba7d72b4_z.jpg [Use and cleaning and maintenance methods] Now (1) Before using the new product, just use it once with boiling water to use it. (2) When using, you can use the pot pen to moisturize the surface of the vessel, and then you can appreciate the surface changes. (3) After use, please clear the tea residue, rinse it with water, dry it, keep it well ventilated and dry. 【size】 Everything like a pot: about 130X100X80mm 200g/200cc Everything is like tea sea: about 85X75X95mm 155g/270cc All things like the cup: about 60X60X40mm 60g/40cc (one pot, one sea, five cups)


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