*Le Bonheur Line Happiness Line*Gold-plated sapphire crystal 925 Silver SAKURA double / red line bracelet redline

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# 925 Silver-plated # Claw drill # red line # redline # red line


*Le Bonheur Line Happiness Line*Gold-plated sapphire crystal 925 Silver SAKURA double / red line bracelet redline


Product desciption _____________________________________________________________ Sakura's words: life, happiness never give up forever. "Sakura seven days" shows the life of cherry is very short, often in full bloom overnight. Enjoy showing their beauty, after enjoying the admiration of the people, but without hesitation, the group flowers dying, all in only an instant. Flash forever. _____________________________________________________________ 925 sterling silver plated rhinestone cherry + special foreign imports (not afraid of super tough water) Double line design models Photo one & two with passion red + rose pink (also available from the photo four in the optional two color lines) Three photos with mint green sky blue Brand story _____________________________________________________________ Le Bonheur Line happy line Le Bonheur is the French meaning of "happiness", designers want special thin lines of different colors as the main axis. With a variety of accessories, inspired by the happiness of Le Bonheur line style. More to the French name of happiness as the main body, I hope we all have their own wish happiness. Different colors of the line, also represents a different meaning of happiness: ▲ red - because I believe, so look forward to meeting you in the future. ▲ green - can not beat the grass, strong ▲ black - I actually is the embodiment of justice. (I did not tell you> <) ▲ blue - wake up every day so that I have the courage to face the world. Passion red = peach, marriage, peace. Psychedelic purple = rich, elegant, charming. Orange red gold = energy, creativity, perseverance. Sky blue = academic, career, concentration. Mint green = health, vitality, partial wealth. Rose pink = popularity, harmony and harmony. Deep black = justice, peace, anti-villain. _____________________________________________________________ Bracelet size: S = 14 cm + 1 cm (extended chain). M number = 15 cm + 1 cm (extension chain). L number = 16cm + 1cm (extended chain). Other dimensions = custom length + 1cm (extension chain). (Please carefully select the size of the bracelet, modify the size required to pay back the postage and manual modification fee.) Deduction standard with: one end upgraded to lobster clasp, one end to extend the chain. Jewelry are basically stationary ^^ Wearing advice: Ultra-fine line bracelet suitable for "hand around the" wear, like a line across the hand as light. Please provide the actual hand size can ^^. Size selection: Tape measure around the wrist around the wrist. If no ruler on hand, a section of the line or tape around the wrist, make a mark and then flat with a ruler. That is the actual hand around. _____________________________________________________________ Care attention: Wire = special line for foreign imports, are not afraid of water, you can wear a bath without removing. Silver jewelry = 925 sterling silver material, oxidized test silver cloth or toothpaste toothbrush can wipe the surface, you can restore luster. Gold jewelry = gold-plated material, due to personal use of different environments, there will be different risks of fading speed. _____________________________________________________________


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