Fresh natural catnip potted

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- Give the most important family a hairy child the most natural and healthy side dish - **"Cat slaves! The moment o


Fresh natural catnip potted

商品説明 - Give the most important family a hairy child the most natural and healthy side dish - **"Cat slaves! The moment of loyalty is here!"** **Don't look at the cat adult who doesn't seem to have an expression (it's really no expression).** **In fact, they are very delicate to the senses around them.** **Sometimes I feel pressure because of some small things.** **Great People's Depression - Fresh Catnip Catnip Rolling Debut** **Let the cats solve their worries and discard their honourable image.** **I can’t afford to make them happy,** **Catnip is known for its cat marijuana in felines.** **Containing a compound called nepetalactone,** **It can make cats excited and relieve stress.** 取 pleasing the cat to use 晒 dry, then crushed into pieces and put into cat toys ◼︎ Freshly remove the leaves and present them to the cat (the fingers make the taste more obvious) ✔︎ Reminder 小猫 Less than 6 months of kittens will not respond to catnip, there will be about 10% of cats who ignore catnip 猫 Cat adult reacts to catnip for about 5-15 minutes 移植 Transplanting large potted plants makes catnip grow dense and strong (the long-term behavior of cats and adults) 猫 Cat slaves (humans) can also use ◼︎ Tea drinking _ can eliminate flatulence and help digestion, improve sleep quality, relieve stress, stimulate appetite and so on. 植 Plants have insect repellent effects. ░ Content ░ 3.5 inch potted seedlings, protected small dish proprietary design packaging box, small dish identification small card, green finger guide ░ Size ░ 9 cm x 9 cm potted plants x 60-75 days old seedlings (different sizes due to natural factors such as weather) __[Remarks]__ __If you have the time to place an order, it is recommended to use the station letter to ask us about the current status of the small dish! The merchandise photos are for illustrative purposes only, providing the best dishes according to the current inventory. Because the plants themselves are unique and cannot be replicated, even if the varieties are the same, they will not have the same appearance due to the seasonal changes in temperature and sunshine due to the growth process.__ Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade cultivation of Taiwanese side dishes


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