Veneer and kraft paper wallet

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It is made of processed veneer and added with washable kraft paper. It is waterproof, mildew-proof, soft and durable. It is sewn with a needle and a thread by hand.


Veneer and kraft paper wallet


[Materials of Materials] Most of the materials are made of processed veneer. When I first made this series, I didn't think too much, but I saw that most of the card sleeves were made of leather. I was a little angry. I was thinking, "Be sure to use leather. What if you don't need to use it?" And I was originally a person who likes wood very much. In the end, I used the natural veneer for furniture surface. Flexible, making a card holder that is completely non-animal, and by the way, blessing for my two puppies. 【Features】 Because the veneer has increased flexibility, it feels soft and tough like leather, but it is superior to leather in that it does not grow mold; and it is not afraid of water. If it is wet, wipe it and blow it. Just blow it; if you accidentally get dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth. This series has been produced since 2015 and has only been sold in Hong Kong. Customers in Hong Kong will evaluate my work, so I have certain confidence in the durability of the work (and my partner still uses the first year from 2015 to the present). One card holder), so friends in Taiwan, you can rest assured oh [Production Features] I also made a lot of effort in the production. I have always worked hard on the materials. I do n’t want to rush. So I made it with a needle and a thread by hand. Avoid connection with mouth and increase durability. And all my works are priced according to the production time, to ensure a fair price, will never be sky-high. 【product description】 All wood with washed kraft paper wallet I am a very willful designer. I do n’t do what others do, and I do them all. So I design a non-traditional wallet. I think the unnecessary deletion of traditional wallets will be useful. Keep, because I want the wallet to be thinner and more functionally different, so I used the method of processing veneer and washing kraft paper, as well as: Inner part two styles Photo location: two compartments on the left-hand side, two credit or leisure cards can be placed in each compartment, and a transparent photo compartment on the right-hand side can hold one ID and one photo, for a total of five cards and One photo can hold more than 30 banknotes. No photo location: There are two boxes on the left and right sides, each of which can hold 2 credit cards, bank cards, ID cards, or leisure cards. A total of 8 cards can be placed, and more than 30 banknotes can be placed in the middle. Wallet dimensions Length: 10cm Width: 9cm Thickness: 0.6cm Holds banknotes up to 16.2cm in height and 9cm in height The longest credit card slot and the photo slot can be up to 6.3cm wide and 8.5cm long 【Design Features】 In addition to insisting on the use of non-animal elements in each design, I am still a greedy designer. I use the lightest design but must accommodate the most things. I ca n’t feel bloated when I put cards and banknotes Yes, make sure to put it in your pocket conveniently; girls can also get them into the small bags. [Style] Each of my styles is divided into four colors, and each color is divided into two models. In other words, there are a total of eight styles for you to choose from. If you want to know more, you have to look into my shop. ^. ^ 【Use suggestions】 When it is newly bought, it will be as tight as a leather card holder, but rest assured that as long as it is used for a few days, it will loose a lot. Origin: Hong Kong Manufacturing: Hong Kong MADE IN HONG KONG PS: Remember! I am a brand from Hong Kong, so please place an order in advance. I will send it by registered airmail, it will take about 4 ~ 7 days to Taiwan. The above photos are taken in real shooting without any retouching. I hope to see you in the most realistic way, and I hope everyone will forgive me a little bit of persistence.


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