"Breath" Cambodia old ceramic beads stone bracelet

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"Breath" Cambodia old ceramic beads stone bracelet


Foreword This story ready to spend a little time to think with the intention to seriously take a good photo. Each one is different, and each have only one. Depends on the manpower to do with each of them can not be copied, fantastic. Unfortunately, there is no conscious shoot them Manner. Kind is more texture and weight. This story is this On the last day of Siem Reap, a morning walk near the French Quarter, noticed a shop selling local specialties. They went in to be attracted, eyes off of them. Color-rich but not tacky, the color is good pigment, its sensitivity gloss porcelain also have to take just twist, complete works, has its own beauty, each one is like a little exotic, like Angkor Wat, cute and unique, love at first sight. Clerk patiently explained, the original brand and locally produced materials. Back to the inn and asked the driver to hold little hope, hope that the last day to be able to visit their studios. The driver said, the inn where we just ten meters! Ring the doorbell when the wall to see with their unique material inlaid logo, grinning like a dog, like stop bouncing. Experience also been received by one of their handmade step! On the last day of the evening, more than light on the sparkling pool, I bathed the stone photographed. This is the best memory of this land can be brought back. https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/653577351/TB23HFSnHFkpuFjy1XcXXclapXa_!!653577351.jpg **"Breath": · dusk stone riddle** material/ Main beads: clay (ceramic) with beads: local stone (old beads, unknown stone), bone, brass spacer beads, size/ The size of each particle are not the same, reference may be worn around the hand picture is 14.5cm. length/ About: 16.5cm hand around for: 14-15.5cm (too short can be used with the rest of the stone, but not every can, do not recommend wearing long) https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/653577351/TB269Bjk5C9MuFjSZFoXXbUzFXa_!!653577351.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/653577351/TB2e.MQqbxmpuFjSZJiXXXauVXa_!!653577351.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/653577351/TB2Kxyfk1tTMeFjSZFOXXaTiVXa_!!653577351.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/653577351/TB2goNynNdkpuFjy0FbXXaNnpXa_!!653577351.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/653577351/TB29xsjqolnpuFjSZFjXXXTaVXa_!!653577351.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/653577351/TB2GYAkqctnpuFjSZFKXXalFFXa_!!653577351.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/653577351/TB2ybJnk5C9MuFjSZFoXXbUzFXa_!!653577351.jpg ︿︿︿︿︿︿︿︿ on CLAYCULT CAMBODIA ∥ ∥ ︿︿︿︿︿︿︿ https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/653577351/TB2JG3zqctnpuFjSZFKXXalFFXa_!!653577351.jpg claycult produced in Siem Reap, Cambodia, I visited are mostly female employees and young people, the atmosphere is very good, although did not understand their language, but will be infected. As they say, they want to provide jobs and training for local employment rate is not high for women and young people, into a virtuous cycle of profit-making enterprises. Their products are not mass production, all hand-made, every step is very elegant. Source of inspiration from the history of Cambodia, Angkor Wat temples, the local cultural atmosphere. Now hopes to use the way of creation and last contact. Fusion again transformed, in this deep love of the land. "Claycult Cambodia, not just beautiful jewellery but something from the heart of this mystic land." https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/653577351/TB2sSZkqd4opuFjSZFLXXX8mXXa_!!653577351.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/653577351/TB2JuHZqbBnpuFjSZFGXXX51pXa_!!653577351.jpg I hope everyone will take away the bracelet cherish this fate. "Design product description" Hand-workers: √ each design are handmade, please consider carefully whether to appreciate its unique One goes for the temperature at the same time, be able to accept it's not perfect. Paul-raising: √ avoid contact with chemical liquid, weakly acidic alkali, not a hard object impact, wear and tear. Please keep. • After the sale: √ Photo by SLR when the sun is bright, translucent than the indoor, due to display different carrier for your miserable test. √ because all handmade products, do not accept returns, unless there are quality problems, please contact the merchant 7 days after receipt. ** Please read the Shopping Guide, photographed as tacit consent. Origin / manufacturing methods Cambodia


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