Organic cotton. Fenghua Department of the body of the boy package fart clothing - white

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Organic cotton. Fenghua Department of the body of the boy package fart clothing - white


● Product description Take my first step Little boy gentleman clothes Turn a circle walk step ● Product characteristics The lower part of the button is easy to change the diaper Add elastic fibers to wear off more easily ● Material 97% organic cotton 3% elastic fiber GOTS certification environmental protection ● origin Made in Taiwan ◎ Viridity brand story ◎ "Breathe the breeze and the freshness of the earth, and wear it on the most precious child." Because cherish their children, so I hope to see his free activities, happy laughter; Because cherish their children, so look forward to him in the most natural and comfortable environment to grow; Because cherish their children, so for the children to choose the best home appliances. In recent years, Taiwan food security problems, we all know to prepare for the children more pure pollution-free good food; and children's clothing, because twenty-four hours close to the tender skin, but also need our strict checks, in order to let the baby more peace of mind Explore the world, Viridity starting from the children's home service, screen chemical stains selected high-quality organic cotton, so that children are very active sweat does not stick to the extra burden. Viridity products use GOTS certified organic cotton Global Organic Textiles Certification Standard GOTS, the purpose of this certification standard is to ensure that organic textiles from the harvest, to the raw materials, processing and final product packaging of the normative, in order to bring the ultimate consumer trustworthy products. There are many different international certifications in the world, of which GOTS is the most stringent regulatory system. <Organic ~ let the land breathe> from now on the concept of organic cotton will continue, so that our next generation can naturally buy organic cotton goods, looking forward to 20 years later, the world's organic cotton can account for the majority, do not So that the sick soil through the cycle and then back to our body, together with the organic start from the clothing. Origin / manufacturing method Made in Taiwan


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