VIIART. bloom. Natural stone brass ring

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VIIART's super-selling natural stone chain ring with a selection of natural stone and brass chains. No opening design, super durable and not afraid to pull! Buy three get one free, the best for sending a good sister and choosing difficult syndrome!



VIIART. bloom. Natural stone brass ring


Super-selling chain ring, using a delicate brass non-gold-plated chain, comfortable to wear without a card! A variety of natural stones to choose from, the most suitable for mashups or as a sister friendship. The current spike is E: pyrite and F: gold sand, pearls and tourmalines are also very popular. Buy three get one free, it's hard to choose and take it away! **Small ideas are in it! ! Although the ring looks fine, but the hand-wound wire does not have any openings, it is very sturdy and durable, and it is not afraid of pulling. The girl who is awkward does not have to worry about it.** Number: E2255 Style: Figure 2 from top to bottom, from left to right A: Turquoise (sleeping beauty green pine, artificial fixation) B: Malachite (Positive Finance) C: Gold meteorite D: black spinel (wild) E: pyrite (second kill) F: gold sandstone G: Pearl (June Birthstone) H: Aquamarine (March Birthstone) I: Garnet (January Birthstone) J: Zilongjing K: Sapphire (September Birthstone) L: lapis lazuli M: Emerald (May Birthstone) Figure 3, all three are tourmalines N: yellow tourmaline O: Red tourmaline P: Green Bismuth Tourmaline may have natural connotations, natural colors, each one is unique, and can accept subscripts! Material: Brass (BRASS) x Natural stone size: ♦F♦ circumference is about 53.5mm, diameter is about 17mm PS: This ring has only one size, no return and re-string service, please confirm the size OK and then subscript We guarantee excellent after-sales service: ► This product comes with a silver cloth ► We do not sell photo shows, all products are guaranteed to be brand new ► All items are sold with a zippered bag for easy collection Brass maintenance method: Brass has always been a very popular jewellery material, its price is approachable and there is no fading problem. However, brass, like silver, is easily oxidized, and rain and sweat can make it darker. Although some people like this natural bronze color, if you want to avoid this situation, you should pay attention to it: ♦ Avoid touching water ♦ When you are not wearing it, put it in a zipper bag. If you feel that the gloss is dim, provide a few simple ways to restore the original radiance of your purchase. However, please note that if it is worn, although it can restore the color, but can not restore the light sense (the ancient fog is also very beautiful bronze!) ♦ Use a toothbrush to dip a little bit of foamed toothpaste or toothpaste. Brush it like a brush to restore the luster. Pay attention to the need to dry the water after washing. ♦ Wipe with a silver cloth to quickly restore light (not for brushed surfaces) ♦ Juice and dilute the lemon, place the copper garnish and let it stand for about 5 minutes, which will quickly restore the radiance (not suitable for natural beads such as pearls). Precautions: ►The natural stone is different in each product. There may be some cracks or small flaws. Try to pick the best ones, but please be sure to accept the subscript! ►Depending on the size, the arrangement may be adjusted according to the length ►The color in the photo may be different due to the difference in light and display screen Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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