No feet! Silver leaf grass green-soft sheepskin low heel shoes full leather

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This version is narrower, if the foot width is more than 9.5 cm, please increase the size of half


No feet! Silver leaf grass green-soft sheepskin low heel shoes full leather

商品説明 ▽▽▽ Precautions before placing an order ▽▽▽ 时 Please be sure to fill in your E-mail in the "Remarks column" when checking out for subsequent electronic invoice issuance🔴 The company cooperates with the Ministry of Finance's electronic invoice policy and issues electronic invoices upon approval by the competent authority. Respond to environmental protection and do not proactively send paper invoices, and send invoice issuance notification letters by E-mail, which will be completed within 48 hours after the order is shipped. - Size: 22-26 (normal version) The selectable size of the store is a spot product, and the priority order of the spot is based on the remittance time. In the event that the goods are sold out, you can choose to wait or cancel the order If the size you want to order does not appear in the size table, it means that the stock is replenished -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Major Pleasure Women's Shoes Lab -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 🔺 Elegant everyday shoes! Inverted V-shaped skinny ankle strap with six colors🔺 Light vine grey Rose Brown Hydrangea powder skin Silver leaf grass green Black Red -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- **Solve the problem of rubbing feet! Commuter OK Running Soft Sheepskin Heel Shoes**|**Silver Leaf Grass Green** **Major Pleasure Women's Shoes Lab Invented! Solve your discomfort with heel shoes** **Ambiguous spring colors** **✿Light rattan ash** **✿Pearl Rose Powder** **Honey Tea Brown** **✿Hydrangea powder** **✿Silver Leaf Grass Green** **DETAILS ZOOM IN Product Details** **✱ New invention built-in post-sponge sponge** Built-in soft scapula sponge fills the depression of the foot socket, making your feet and shoes more tightly integrated Heels no longer sound like horseshoes when walking in heels **✱ Repeated test does not grind feet** He has worked with the factory master for 30 years to develop the perfect heel height. OK stretch, breathable tape bye bye **震 Shock-absorbing forefoot 3mm elastic sponge insole** Sponge insoles on the forefoot to reduce walking pressure and vent holes to keep your feet dry **✱ Super thick heel memory insole** Memory latex insoles have high density, are not easily deformed, and cost more than ordinary thick sponges, which is more ergonomic **✱ Just 3 cm high** The dwarves can be slightly stretched and can easily commute to the bus Tall girl needs a bit of formality on formal occasions, but doesn't want to be a lighthouse **软 Longitudinal arch protection soft bag protects both feet** Reduce discomfort caused by prolonged heel shoes or walking posture errors, Counter-grade special latex gives longitudinal bow support to reduce walking pressure. **✱ Safety non-slip outsole** The rubber non-slip wear-resistant bottom protects your walking safety. **✱ Made of full leather** **Full leather upper** Soft and comfortable for your feet **Lining & Insole Breathable Dolphin** In the humid environment of Taiwan, never use PU lining, full insole leather lining without breathable feet **皮 Leather lectures in the laboratory✮** This section uses**counter-grade natural soft sheepskin** **Soft Sheepskin**is characterized by soft touch, fine and smooth leather, light weight, and good breathability **✮ Recognition method**: Genuine leather has small lines with better elasticity through finger pressure, without fine lines, it is not natural leather! **✮Maintenance method**: Use a clean cotton cloth to clean, or use a shoe polish of the same color to lightly polish it. **✮ Little Reminder**: Sheepskin is soft due to its soft material, so it is normal for it to be slightly wrinkled or wrinkled when received. **✮Made in Taiwan handmade handmade leather MIT✮** Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / Full leather handmade 📌 Purchase reminder The return and exchange fee is 75 yuan from the shipping fee. Please keep the integrity of the product.


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