Lavender Chamomile Starry Garland Brooch Man Hand Knit Japan Natural Twine Gift

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The "vanilla series" made from Japanese natural twine and very fine crochet. It is composed of lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus leaves. The smallest leaves and flowering ears are only 5mm, and the flower buds are also woven. There are also whit


Lavender Chamomile Starry Garland Brooch Man Hand Knit Japan Natural Twine Gift

商品説明 "The Tour of Vanilla" series, Japanese natural twine weaving, To express the fresh feeling of nature of vanilla plants; Fine crochet, plus feel-setting skills, Petite and lovely lines showing fine leaves and branches; Pair it with beautiful woven flowers and green leaves. Made into brooch, necklace, hair accessories and other accessories, It is a fresh work with a natural atmosphere. "Lavender" works Content The "Lavender" work is made up of the following four plants: lavender * Weaving with different shades of Japanese linen, it is like combining different varieties of lavender. * The smallest flower ear is only 5mm in length, hand-knitted, high and low, and each branch has a different distribution. Chamomile * As the "vanilla tea" chamomile, the largest flower is about 22mm in diameter, the smallest flower bud is about 5mm, and even the flower buds are woven. * Weaving with natural Japanese twine, showing the chamomile atmosphere of natural growth. Eucalyptus leaves * Opposite, small round eucalyptus leaves, woven with natural Japanese twine. * Simple and lovely green leaves with lavender and chamomile add a fresh and refined feel. Gypsophila * Use Japanese natural twine. * Small white flowers, as small as sand, are made by hand-wound, very hard work. Product "Lavender" Garland Necklace * consists of 2 lavender, 1 chamomile 2 flower, 2 eucalyptus leaves, and 1 bundle of gypsophila. The minimalist design is like a small wreath made from the field. * Natural twine is refreshing, light, ventilated, not moldy and washable. * Japanese braided twine with a slight gloss, smooth and not pungent. (not the hemp rope for strapping) * Built-in manual iron wire to fine-tune the foliage angle. * Matching cotton and linen clothes, very natural feeling. * Aki original weave, making unique floral decorations. Size Wreath diameter: about 4cm-5cm (inner and outer diameter) * The "Lavender" garland has two shapes. The content and quantity of the leaves are the same, but the placement is slightly different. A or B styles can be specified. If not specified, please let Aki follow the feel. * This product is made by hand-woven, the angle, distance, size and placement of flowers, branches and leaves, depending on the feel of the production, can not make the same effect as the photo, this is the uniqueness of the hand-made, Please understand. * This product has been shaped and antifouling. (It is not a permanent effect, but it can increase the durability of the work. Since the wire is a soft material, the excessively strong shaping process will make a natural beauty. Please understand.) Necklace Silver-plated copper chain The longest is about 60cm. Configure the "adjustment beads", you can adjust the height of the garland by adding the extension chain. It is very convenient to wear a neck-like item like a medal. Handwork "Lavender Wreath" is made of very fine twine and fine crochet. The flowers of "Lavender" are particularly delicate. The small flower spike is about 5mm, and the branch is about 30-40 pieces. Even the flower buds of "Chamomile" are woven out, There is also the top leaflet of the "Ugari Leaf", At least 5mm, thin and small, It is a very hard work. Lavender related products: Brooch (S) Brooch (L) Message Card If this is a gift of expression, Aki makes a unique "heart" for the shackles. The pattern is a Lavender garland. You can print your name and greetings. Make a refined gift more heart-warming. * Please tell me what I want in the remarks column. * This is made by hand, not for sale. Items 1. "Lavender wreath necklace" x 1 2. Silent Moment's exclusive gift box with maintenance instructions. * The outermost layer is wrapped in a sealed/kraft paper with protective material to ensure safe mailing. For packaging, mailing, maintenance, etc., please come here to understand, thank you. Made in Hong Kong By Silent Moment / Aki


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