Pottery workshop │ 伫 in the bowl (岫白)

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The bowl is also called “three bowls”; corporate gifts and gifts are suitable for personal use.



Pottery workshop │ 伫 in the bowl (岫白)


Creative concept The bowl is also known as the "three bowls." The so-called three talents are: "Heaven, Earth, People." The cover is on the table, the cup is on the table, the bowl is on the table, It seems that a small heaven and earth is placed in a bowl, which contains the ancient philosophers: "Heaven is the cover, the earth carries it, and the people are educated". In the past, Guan Shishi pays attention to the taste of life. He is popular with bowls of tea and watching movies. The joy, anger, sorrow and joy in the play, the stage and the stage, the contrasts in the palm of the hand, the madness on the stage, the stage The idiot has become a tasteful and elegant instrument for thinking about life as a play, and the moving story that has been staged has come alive. After the quenching of the pottery, the pottery products finally came to the forefront and carried out the "sitting and self-satisfying" tea table world. The texture is no longer just sleek and sleek, so it is changeable. The iron spot reflects the charm of the craftsman, and the shop is subtle. The green body and glaze are taken from the natural features, and the sediment is quiet and simple. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/922/41632422620_3520eb4ede_b.jpg product features 1. The body is combined with Zen porcelain and iron, and is burned at high temperature to make rhyme. Touching the surface texture of the pottery, the slight ups and downs, the exquisite craftsmanship shows the ancient taste. 2. Every piece of 伫 has its own personality in the series, just as everyone has their own personality, so the texture is no longer only slick and sleek, so it is changeable. The iron spot reflects the charm of the craftsman, and the shop is subtle. The green body and the glaze draw a natural appearance, and the expression is eclectic. It shows the beauty of sedimentation meditation and randomness. 3. Iron spots fall on the raft, there is a feeling of being close to the people, the same shape but the distribution of iron spots, which brings different feelings. 4. "伫在" pottery heat conduction is mild. It is easy to bring out the rich flavor of tea soup, especially suitable for semi-fermented tea or partially fermented tea. Recommended tea: frozen top oolong tea, tea soup is rich and soft, the entrance of magnolia is fragrant, lasting fragrance, long return. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/923/43392140692_824ce809e7_b.jpg Product specifications: Cover: 75x30mm / 40g Cup body: 90x90x50mm / 110g Disk: 10x10x25mm / 70g Capacity: 140cc Use and cleaning and maintenance methods 1. Before using the new product, just use the boiled water to clean it once. When using, you can use the potter pen to moisten the surface of the vessel with tea juice, and then you can appreciate the surface changes. After use, please remove the tea residue, rinse with water, dry it, keep it well ventilated and dry. 2. The iron bismuth with different grain thickness and the zen porcelain are inserted into the body, and the temperature change caused by the high temperature kiln firing forms an ancient taste of the natural distribution of the iron spot size. The utensils are all tested by SGS and are safe and safe to use. 3. The graphic is for illustrative purposes only, and the actual product is subject to the item received.


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