Pink Department of Happy Flower Marriage Silk Flower Wrist Flower A Wenqing Sensual Bride Bride Bridesmaid

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Any need to change the color of the suit or rope, NT10 for each product.


Pink Department of Happy Flower Marriage Silk Flower Wrist Flower A Wenqing Sensual Bride Bride Bridesmaid


"Do not ask silk flowers to have the effect of real flowers. This page is "Pink" and "Forest Color", please go to: "The following is a picture of a guest wrist flower" "If you need it, you can order the pearl bracelet. Please go to another page to purchase. The page only provides the basic ribbon strap. The advantage is that it is convenient to carry. The order cost is +20 yuan per piece. Single 3 pearl bracelets are available on order, 1 to 2 pieces are not available, and 10 or more are required to be private designers. If you need to order, please go to the following page to place an order directly. (If you order 3, please order "3", order 6 please order "6", and so on.)"** **"This model is a single production style. Due to the large demand, the preparation and production take a long time. The delivery period is about 3 to 7 days. If it can be sent early, it will be notified separately. If necessary, you can use the courier to send it. Non-remote areas can be delivered the next day at the earliest, and no urgent orders are received. If time is too late, please place an order as soon as possible. This hand flower is made by order, and will not accept any return after sale. 》** **"Whether it is a wedding or opening celebration, there is a wrist flower! The style in the picture is the artificial silk flower wrist flower. The silk flower can present the color lack of flowers. The advantage is that there is no special maintenance on the day of the activity, and the petals are not afraid to fall or collide with each other. It is easy to carry, and the mix and match style is more creative. Need to ask the designer for more, please select the desired color when ordering. 》** **"Direct delivery to Hong Kong, express delivery does not include holiday 1 to 2 arrival"** ● Content: artificial silk flower wrist flower (the advantage is that the day of the event does not need special maintenance, easy to carry,) ● Meaning: happiness, peace, never change, feelings and good wishes, pure, true love, purity, elegance, romance ● Size: about 10~12cm wide (because it is a hand-made work, it will not be the same as the machine mold, there will be a slight deviation in the size. If you want to measure accurately, please ask the designer before placing the order) ● Color: "The picture below is temperament pink, with the same brooch" _________________________________________________ "The picture below is a flower red, with the same brooch" _________________________________________________ "The picture below is romantic pink orange, with the same brooch" _________________________________________________ "The picture below is champagne" _________________________________________________ "The picture below is 璀璨紫粉-NEW" ______________________________________________ If you need to match the same brooch, please go to the following website (see the figure below): ● Packing method: carton __________________________________ Please read the designer first and then proceed to the order process: Every piece of merchandise is the designer's hard work, I hope everyone knows: *Dry flowers are fragile items, so some small particles will inevitably fall during transportation. *The products are all hand-made. It is inevitable that there will be slight errors. The re-ordered products may not be exactly the same as the photos. Some of the seasonal out-of-stock designers will replace them with similar flowers. *The display color of each computer is different. Our products are shot under the sun. First of all, let the guests know that in order to avoid the problem of chromatic aberration, we absolutely avoid post-coloring the photos of the products. After passing through the camera and computer, you may feel that the color seen by the actual product and the computer's display screen is somewhat different, but the subjective feeling does not constitute any reason for returning. *Perfectists please note that it is not acceptable for the "package box" because it may be slightly pressed (not the product) during the delivery process, because the box is only used to package and protect the product, it is definitely not a commodity. Part of *No paper bags and exquisite packaging, please support environmental protection. Excessive packaging will increase the damage to the earth. *Customer color system requires more than 10 or more *Please understand that buyers are responsible for certain risks for online shopping. We attach great importance to the packaging of goods. If you are not satisfied with the above, please do not place an order. If the above situation occurs, the design museum will not refund the refund. * Personal studio business is not easy, sincerely hope that you will give us a good evaluation after receiving the gift! _____________________________________________________________ Each bundle is made independently and uniquely. The bouquet management method is as follows: 1. Please reduce the direct sunlight to dry flowers, and the color of the flowers can last for a long time. 2. Basically, it can be placed for 2 to 3 years, avoid placing it in a wet place. If there is dust, please use a small sweeper to gently sweep it. 3. The bouquet will be sent in regular carton packaging ***If you need to send Hong Kong/Overseas, please communicate to the designer before placing an order. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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